Why pick Liquid Screed for your Underfloor Heating Installation

Why Pick Liquid Screed for Your Underfloor Heating Installation?

Many households are starting to adopt underfloor heating rather than the traditional radiator and boiler approach. The two major drivers to this new trend in heating are effectiveness and efficiency; the underfloor system offers a more even distribution of heat throughout your home and, when used in conjunction with smart metering, underfloor heating is, without doubt, the cheaper option.

Choosing the Right Screed for Your Underfloor Heating Installation

Once the pipework for your underfloor heating is in place, it’s important to choose the right screed to complete the installation. The reason for this is that it’s the screed that conducts the heat, so you need a mix that envelops the pipes without leaving any air gaps, and allows for rapid thermal conductivity through every room of the house.

The choice is between ‘dry’ or ‘traditional’ screed, which has to be mixed and laid manually, and the more advanced liquid screed which can be pumped directly onto the floor. Dry screed combines sand, cement and enough water to achieve a consistency that binds without producing moisture when squeezed. Flow screed is made up of calcium sulphate, sand and water and arrives ready mixed.

The Advantages of Using Liquid Screed

Whilst dry screed is still used for underfloor heating installations, its thermal conductivity effectiveness is largely due to the skills and experience of the installer. By contrast, liquid screed has been extensively tested to ensure that every batch guarantees the highest levels of flooring finish. Liquid screed dries faster – it can be walked on after 24 hours – and it won’t crack or shrink.

The two biggest advantages offered by liquid screed are:

  • Speed of Application – The recommended depth of layering for liquid screen is much thinner than for the traditional alternative; just 35mm of flowing screed will replace 75mm of conventional materials. The application takes, on average, half the time a dry screed application would take, providing a significant overall saving of time and efficiency.
  • Thermal Conductivity – The composition of dry screed makes it impossible to eradicate all air gaps when covering the water pipes. The flowing consistency of liquid screed ensures that all the water pipes are entirely enclosed, without leaving air gaps or voids. As a result the thermal conductivity speeds are increased, which means that your home heats up more quickly and evenly.

Liquid Screed is the Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient Choice

21st century products are expected to provide eco-friendly credentials as well as offering efficiency and effectiveness. The liquid screed design integrates recycled materials, and its rapid thermal conductivity ensures ongoing energy efficiency when heating your home. When used in combination with smart metering, liquid screed can heat your home effectively at lower temperatures, reducing energy usage.

RB Liquid Screed Offers a Range of Flooring Services

RB Liquid Screed has built a solid reputation for delivering first class liquid screed services as part of your underfloor heating installation. We source our materials from top UK suppliers and our small regional teams of expert installers work across the UK supplying contractors, developers, housebuilders, and renovators.

RB Liquid Screed supply premium screed products designed for use with underfloor heating. Let our screed make easy work of your new heating system, call us today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 to find out more.

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