What is Screed Flooring

What is Screed Flooring?

At its simplest, screed creates a sturdy sub-flooring that forms a durable, quality foundation for a flooring finish. Whilst it’s certainly not the most showy component in construction, or underfloor heating, it’s certainly one of the most important. A good screed floor will extend the life of your flooring and enhance the quality of the finish. Poor screeding can lead to structural problems which could be both time-consuming and costly to repair.

Types of Screed Flooring

Until 20 years ago, traditional screed was the default flooring material. This sand and cement mix requires a highly skilled mixer and finisher to ensure a high quality flooring foundation. Laying traditional screed is labour intensive, requiring a team working together over 4-5 days to lay, on average, 125m2 per day. Traditional screed requires up to 110 days before the floor finish can be applied.

Known as the new generation of screed solutions, anhydrite or gypsum liquid screed has revolutionised the way in which flooring is laid. Flow screed’s liquid consistency allows it to be poured on site, and it requires only a small team of screed specialists to lay up to 1,500m2 per day. Liquid screed dries rapidly, and can normally stand light foot traffic after 24/48 hours. It can be force dried after just a week.

The Advantages of Liquid Screed Flooring

First and foremost, the liquid consistency makes flow screed cheaper and easier to install. It creates an incredibly strong sub-floor which is has a minimal risk of shrinkage or cracking. This is due to the way in which the gypsum crystallises as it hardens, creating a highly stable material. Liquid screed obliterates blemishes in the pour and it’s self-levelling, guaranteeing a perfect finish every time.

Liquid Screed for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is currently experiencing a growth in popularity, and liquid screed is a perfect partner for the installation process. The screed is poured over a grid of water pipes and the quality and consistency is crucial:

No Air Voids – the efficiency of a wet underfloor heating system is largely dependent upon minimising air voids when laying the floor screed. The liquid consistency of flow screed ensures that the mix hugs the water pipes evenly and closely.

Thermal Conductivity – liquid screed serves a dual purpose when installed for underfloor heating. It creates a high quality flooring finish, and it serves as a thermal conductor of the heat across the floor surface. The feedback we receive on the speed of flow screed’s conductivity is consistently excellent, making it a natural choice for wet underfloor heating installations.

Eco Friendly – 21st century construction materials are required to be made using recycled materials, and to deliver eco friendly sustainability. Liquid screed is often referred to as ‘green flooring’ because its eco credentials are so highly regarded. Its excellent thermal conductivity means that water passing through the pipes can be heated to lower temperatures, saving energy and money.

RB Liquid Screed Delivering Top Quality Services and Solutions

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