Unique Flooring Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Like it or not, the flooring has a major impact on the overall look of your home, and in order to create that beautiful chic look we all dream of, occasionally it needs a massive overhaul.


Unique Flooring Ideas for a Beautiful Home

There are so many options in terms of different types of flooring to choose from, so there is no doubt that you will be able to find something you truly love which goes excellently with the rest of your interior design. However, with so many options to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to know which will be the best choice for your home.

You might have a style, colour theme, budget and material in mind for your floor renovation, and all of these requirements are a consideration for your flooring.

If you’re struggling to pick between the extensive flooring options, here, we’ve listed a few unique flooring ideas that can go a long way, making your house look stunning.

  • Show Stopping Entry

If you want to make a amazing first impression on everyone entering your house, One of the best ways to make a show-stopping entryway is by using parquet flooring, made up of alternative strips of walnut and maple. At first, it looks like a tile, but upon closer examination is when one will realise that they are not. You can opt for tiles measuring 13”x13” composed of four stripes of hardwood and lay them side by side. Installing this flooring with the help of a traditional method can be quite taxing, but its high-end look will certainly be worth the effort.

  • Painted Perfection

Looking for a really unique floor? Well, if you’re handy with a paintbrush, then a painted floor might be the way to go in the near future. The end result really is one of a kind and regardless of its appearance, it isn’t that hard to accomplish. The key always lies in proper preparation; that is the vital step is to thoroughly remove the varnish protecting the wood’s surface, sand it smooth, and prime it with an oil-based primer. And, now comes the fun part- unleash the creativity in you and add patterns of your choice with paints that are suitable for floors.

  • Glossy, Budget-Friendly Concrete

If you know how to stretch a buck, then that’s great. At first, glossy concrete would look like exotic wenge or ipe wood, but it is actually stained concrete. In addition to being budget-friendly, concrete floors require low maintenance and give any space a modern, loft style vibe.

  • Timeless Elegance

Even if your bathroom is entirely new, you can give it a timeless look by making use of Carrara marble, along with granite flooring. You can even lay them in a classic basket-weave pattern.

  • What Lies Beneath

If you’re looking for something on a budget, then hardwood floors could be the best option for you. You can simply pull up your existing floor, then sand and stain the subfloor using alternative wooden tones.

  • Old is the new New

Yes, you read it right! Vintage style honeycomb ceramic tiles are just what you need for your floors. Of course, you may have down-to-the studs’ new furniture, but you can do an impeccable job by selecting finishes and fixtures that match the style of the rest of your house. You could even spice up the tiles by creating custom floral patterns and painstakingly covering them with epoxy paint.

  • Playful and Artistic

Try creating a whimsical mosaic pattern that flows through your entire house by meticulously cutting small and large ceramic tiles in order to create a cheery floor.

  • New Life for Vinyl

instead of going through the time and money consuming process of tearing out your existing flooring, why not brighten up your vinyl floor by using vibrant colours like lime and orange? For the best end results, opt for a paint which is specifically prepared for vinyl floors and follow the instructions of prep and application.