Underfloor Heating Installers London

Experienced Underfloor Heating Installers London

RB Liquid Screed is currently providing first class underfloor heating installation for some of London’s largest developers, contractors and refurbishers. Why? The demand for underfloor heating continues to grow. It currently accounts for 7% of the UK heating systems sector. Research shows that consumers consider it to be one of the more affordable heating options and, with energy prices continuing to rise, a further 7% growth is predicted for 2018.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Underfloor Heating London

As experienced and trusted underfloor heating installers in London, we’re often asked by clients what benefits UFH delivers. We’re passionate advocates of underfloor heating and it doesn’t take us long to come up with a list of advantages.

Advantages of an Underfloor Heating Installation

  • Excellent Energy Efficiency – wet UFH warms the room above by running hot water through pipes laid under the floor. Liquid screed envelops the pipes and acts as a thermal conductor ensuring the rapid, even flow of heat across the entire floor. The efficiency of the screed means that the water only needs to be heated to 29℃, which provides an energy saving.
  • Evenly Heated Rooms – radiators heat rooms using convection; heat from the radiator rises and cold air is pulled in to replace it, which is then heated. One of the noted disadvantages of this form of heating is the creation of cold spots. UFH uses radiant heat which heats objects rather than air, decreasing the cold spots and maintaining residual heat for longer.
  • Flexibility of Design – with UFH the source of your heating is invisible, so you are freed from heat-centric design. You no longer need to work around radiators, or worry about where to place furniture in order not to block the heat. Underfloor heating is the perfect solution to creating elegant, minimalist spaces.
  • Choose Your Favourite Floor Finish – wet underfloor heating works with all flooring finishes including stone, tiles, carpet, vinyl and wood. Stone tends to be a popular choice because of its excellent thermal conductivity rates, durability and low maintenance requirements.
  • Health Benefits – apart from the fact that radiators can be something of a health hazard if you have young children around, UFH delivers significant health benefits. Radiators working on convection heat, whip dust and allergens into the air, and reduce oxygen levels. Radiant heat from UFH maintains the oxygen in the air and doesn’t disturb the dust in the room.

Liquid Screed Overcomes UFH Disadvantages

Traditionally wet underfloor heating was considered expensive because of the cost of laying floor screed and the delays created by lengthy drying times.

At RB Liquid Screed we’re delighted to have a product that sweeps these two potential disadvantages aside. Liquid screed is an advanced flooring technology which can be poured quickly on site, using a small team of screed specialists. It’s a self-levelling material that covers the water pipes evenly, ensuring no air voids. Best of all, liquid screed dries quickly, making light foot traffic viable after just 24 hours!

Experienced and Effective Underfloor Heating Installers London

Thanks to the quality and innovative nature of our materials and techniques, RB Liquid Screed offers contractors and developers the very best UFH installation services. We guarantee an excellent screed finish every time, and a rapid dry rate ensuring cost effectiveness on every project. Our liquid screed products are sourced from UK suppliers, are eco-friendly, and provide second-to-none thermal conductivity.

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