Wet_Underfloor Heating Installation

Wet Underfloor Heating Installation

The idea of swapping your radiators for a luxuriously heated floor is one that’s really capturing imaginations right now. Not only does an underfloor heating system remove the wall furniture; it also frees up your design options. Many of our clients are mixing and matching sofas and chairs with bright floor cushions and rugs. And of course, bare feet become possible all year round!

What is Wet Underfloor Heating?

There are two types of underfloor heating installation; electric and water. Wet underfloor heating uses warm water that circulates via a grid of pipes. The system is connected to your boiler, which is how the water is heated. Control is via a thermostat which can be zoned to provide different intensities of heat, so you have heat on where and when you need it.

Once your wet underfloor heating is installed you’ll start enjoying radiant heating. The floor heats up initially, and then the heat rises to warm the space above. Whereas radiators heat the air in the room, underfloor heating heats the objects. This means that the humidity is maintained, there are no cold spots, and heat is retained efficiently.

The Installation Process in New Build Homes

Installing wet underfloor heating in a new build home is simple because there is no need to take up existing flooring. First the pipes are laid in a grid, on top of the sub floor. Screed is then applied to both embed the pipework, and provide thermal conductivity. The screed flooring will transmit heat from the pipes to every corner of your room.

RB Liquid Screed works with liquid screed, both for the quality of the product, and the efficiency it brings to the process. Flow screed arrives on site ready mixed to industry standards. It is pumped into place, and requires only a small team of screed specialists for installation. The liquid consistency ensures that there are no air voids which can hamper conductivity and create cold spots.

Retrofitting Underfloor Heating in Old Houses

Initially the installation process for underfloor heating proved unpopular for clients with older houses. This was because the size of the pipes could sometimes alter the height of their flooring. Now, however, we’re able to offer low profile underfloor heating for this purpose. It’s an innovative, versatile system that requires no messy excavation and can be installed quickly.

Low profile underfloor heating is made up of lightweight panels which have thin water pipes incorporated within them. The depth of these panels ranges between 18-60mm and they are laid directly on top of your existing floor. The installation process normally takes no longer than 24 hours, and the system is ready for use immediately.

About RB Liquid Screed

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