Underfloor Heating Norwich

Underfloor Heating in Norwich

Norwich is currently facing a problem with long-term empty homes across the city. Whilst the number of houses empty for over 6 months is on the rise, demand for new build housing is increasing. There’s any number of reasons why this situation has occurred in Norwich. It could be that buyers prefer the idea of acquiring a blank slate when purchasing. Instead of adapting to the oddities of an older building, they’re free to make decisions about flooring, finishes and heating sources.

Underfloor Heating is Popular in New Builds

The market for underfloor heating in the UK is growing year on year, largely thanks to the high levels of domestic and commercial construction over the past decade. It now accounts for 7% of the country’s heating systems and is expected to grow by a further 6% in the coming year. Wet underfloor heating makes up the largest portion of the share.

Families moving in to new builds are attracted to wet underfloor heating because of the range of benefits it offers, in comparison with more traditional forms of heating such as radiators:

  • Dust Free Environment. Radiators warm your home by heating the air, which rises and then drops down as it cools. This cyclical process tend to draw air into the environment, and sucks moisture out of the atmosphere. This can be problematic for people who suffer from allergies. Underfloor heating creates radiant heat which warms objects, rather than the air – and creates a dust-free environment to breathe.
  • Bare Feet All Year Round. Warm floors create a luxuriant heat that negates the need for socks and slippers through the winter. If you’re planning on a concrete, or stone floor in your home, wet underfloor heating is particularly effective. And the stone or concrete will hold the heat, even when the heating’s turned off.
  • Lower Water Temperatures. One of the most attractive benefits of UFH is that fact it could save you money. Professionally installed underfloor heating in Norwich uses liquid screed for enhanced thermal distribution. This ensures that heat from water pipes travels to every corner of the room. And it’s efficiency means you can heat at lower water temperatures, which saves you money.

Effective and Efficient Underfloor Heating in Norwich

Much of our work is takes place in new housing developments – where efficiency is a top priority. RB Liquid Screed uses innovative technologies to ensure high quality installations that minimise the application time. We use flow screed to encase the grid of water pipes, and create a sturdy sub floor. The screed can be poured on site in hours, using just a small team of specialists. Once laid, it takes just 24 hours to be dry enough to take light foot traffic.

RB Liquid Screed prides itself on the quality of its UK sourced materials, and the efficiency of its wet underfloor heating installation.  Clients in Norwich tell us that the use of liquid screed has transformed the process, and radically reduced both the installation, and the drying times involved.

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