Underfloor Heating in Cambridge

Growing Demand  for Underfloor Heating in Cambridge

Cambridge has seen unprecedented housing growth over the past two years. And recent plans have revealed that thousands of new properties are being developed over the next 10 years. Every region in the county will be affected as Cambridgeshire responds to the national need for new housing stock.

At RB Liquid Screed we’ve experienced huge growth in demand for underfloor heating where this kind of housing development is given the green light. This is happening in the context of a huge national rise in demand for underfloor heating. Industry research shows that the trend is set to continue. This means that, as one of Cambridge’s leading underfloor heating installers, we’re in for a busy few years ahead.

Why is Underfloor Heating so Popular?

Younger homeowners in particular are looking for more sustainable alternative to traditional gas central heating. UFH runs on appreciably lower water temperatures. This reduces the amount of energy used to heat your home – and reduces your utility bills!

RB Liquid Screed install wet underfloor heating using high quality flow screed as a key ingredient. This innovative technology has been developed to provide second-to-none thermal conductivity. Heat transfers from water pipes across the floor space rapidly, therefore. Your home heats up quickly, with reduced energy requirements.

Other reasons for installing underfloor heating include:

  • Radiant Heat. UFH heats objects rather than the air – as is the case with central heating. This means that living environments retain their moisture, and there is less opportunity for dust to be drawn into the breathable air.
  • Design Freedom. Until you get rid of your radiators you won’t be aware of the degree to which they dictated your home design. With luxuriant underfloor heating you can place your furniture where you wish.
  • Bare Feet All Winter. Gas central heating has a tendency to create chilly floors as the heat rises. With the floor as your heating source, you can kick off your shoes, and enjoy lounging on the rug throughout the year.

Liquid Screed for Efficient Installation

It’s not just homeowners that appreciate the benefits of using liquid screed as part of a wet underfloor heating installation. Contractors are always looking for ways to increase productivity by utilising innovative technology. Our contractor clients across Cambridgeshire tell us that they are now adopting liquid screed as their default.

There’s a number of reasons why liquid screed is now used so extensively by the construction industry. In contrast with the manual mixing and installation required by traditional, dry screed, liquid screed is ready mixed to industry standards and it can be poured on site in a fraction of the time. Once installed it’s dry enough for light foot traffic in just 24/48 hours, and there’s minimal risk of shrinking, or curling.

RB Liquid Screed for Underfloor Heating in Cambridge

We take pride in the consistent quality and efficiency of our underfloor heating installations. All our materials are sourced in the UK and we recruit our screed specialist locally. This means that we can provide a rapid response team across Cambridgeshire where and when they’re needed.

RB Liquid Screed uses high quality, UK sourced materials and skilled screed specialists for their underfloor heating in Cambridge installations. Call us on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984

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