Underfloor Heating Essex

Underfloor Heating Essex

As energy prices continue to rise, many homeowners are starting to explore alternative kinds of heating. This is reflected in the ongoing growth experienced by the underfloor heating market. Over the past decade it’s occupied a 7% share in the heating sector, and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 6% per year.

Why is Underfloor Heating in Essex Enjoying Such Popularity?

Our clients in Essex have reported a number of advantages they’ve experienced with wet underfloor heating:

  • Reduces Dust in the Air. Radiated heat pulls dust into the air as it circulates heat. Underfloor heating simply rises without disturbing dust.
  • Bare Feet in the Winter. What a luxury for us chilly Brits!! Underfloor heating is luxurious because it turns your floor into a giant radiator you can walk and sit on.
  • Radiant Heat Evenly Distributed. Radiators heat the air, and the warmest spot in the room tends to be the ceiling. Underfloor heat warms objects and warms the floor and living area first.
  • Energy Efficient System. Unlike radiators, underfloor water pipes don’t have to be warmed to a high temperature to heat the room. Typically ufh uses 10-40% less energy, therefore.
  • No More Radiators. Even if you didn’t think radiators were a problem, you’ll find it liberating to be without them. No more worrying about where to put the furniture.

How Do Water Underfloor Heating Systems Work?

RB Liquid Screed installs wet underfloor heating systems. A grid of water pipes is laid, followed by the installation of a flow screed floor. This rapid dry flooring provides a durable subfloor, but it it’s also critical to the efficiency of your heating system. Liquid screed has been designed for enhanced thermal conductivity. This means that its ultra efficient at carrying heat from the pipes to every corner of the room.

The water pipes are connected to your boiler to heat the water. You have control over the temperature of the pipes via a thermostat which can be zoned. This gives you the option to heat some rooms to a higher temperature than others, dependent on usage.

Can You Retrofit Wet Underfloor Heating?

Absolutely! Low profile wet underfloor heating provides a solution that is quick and easy to install. We use lightweight panels which have thin water pipes incorporated into them. The depth of the panels ranges from 18mm – 60mm. So they can be laid directly onto your existing floor without altering the height drastically. RB Screed normally completes an installation for Essex clients in 24 hours.

About RB Liquid Screed

We’re a leading installer of water underfloor heating systems and floor screeding in Essex. Our installation teams are locally recruited to ensure that we can provide a rapid response for clients across the county. Most important, we offer a comprehensive service to contractors and developers, including pre-installation advice and through to post-installation aftercare guidance.

RB Liquid Screed offers second-to-none underfloor heating in Essex. Our rapid response teams are available now – call us today on 07498 964984

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