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High Demand for Underfloor Heating Engineers Kent

It looks like the next few years could be a busy for our underfloor heating engineers in Kent. Planning applications have been submitted for 7 ‘garden city’ developments across the county. This would mean work starting on 50,000 new homes by 2020 in Dover, Gravesend, Sevenoaks, Folkstone, Ashfield, Chattenden and Canterbury.

The building of ‘garden cities and villages’ is a government initiative designed to provide housing and infrastructure where it’s needed across the country. Where we’ve seen this volume of new build development, we’ve also experienced high demand for underfloor heating. The reason for this is that young professionals who are likely to be buying these properties are looking for sustainable technologies that help them cut costs on their utility bills.

What is Underfloor Heating?

First introduced to Britain by the Romans, underfloor heating has taken a while to catch on! Over the past 5 years it’s seen significant growth in demand, year-on-year, and predictions are for 7% growth going forward. It’s a method of heating that requires the installation of water pipes, or an electric grid under the floor, to allow radiant heat to rise into the room above. For this reason the majority of underfloor heating installations occur in new builds.

Why is Underfloor Heating Growing in Popularity?

Young homeowners are attracted to underfloor heating for a number of reasons. There’s something very attractive about the thought of warm flooring beneath your feet, and the coverage tends to be more evenly distributed than with radiators. Radiant heat doesn’t pull dust into the atmosphere, like convection heating, and the system can be run on lower water temperatures which saves money on bills.

Underfloor Heating Engineers Kent Use Liquid Screed

When it comes to wet underfloor heating, the screed flooring is key. This is because it’s the screed that transfers heat from the water pipes to every corner of the room. Liquid screed has been designed for exactly this purpose. Its enhanced thermal conductivity ensures rapid heat response, using lower water temperatures than convection heating.

Fast, Efficient Underfloor Heating Installation

Contractors are always looking for ways to speed up their schedule, and reduce the budget whilst maintaining high standards. The introduction of liquid screed has been something of a ‘game changer’ moment for the construction industry. This innovative technology has significantly reduced the time it takes to install top quality flooring and underfloor heating.

Traditionally screed had to be mixed and laid manually by a team of installers. Liquid screed arrives ready mixed and can be poured onsite by a small team of screed specialists. Within just 24 hours it’s ready for light foot traffic, and after just 7 days it can be force-dried. This easily halves the installation time for underfloor heating, and our engineers are all screed specialists.

Working Collaboratively on Underfloor Heating Installations

All our teams of underfloor heating engineers in Kent are locally recruited to ensure a rapid response for projects with immanent start times. We believe that collaboration enhances productivity, so we encourage contractors to call our underfloor heating engineers directly. Being able to discuss the pour in advance ensures that prep happens efficiently, and the installation can begin as scheduled.

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