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RB Liquid Screed is Top Underfloor Heating Company in Peterborough

Like many cities in the UK, Peterborough has been undergoing a radical transformation over the past few decades. At the end of the 19th century it was the country’s largest producer of bricks. By contrast, the contemporary city has reinvented itself as a hub for retail distribution, road-rail logistics and environmental services. Peterborough has a history of successful economic growth and is currently the fourth fastest growing city in the UK.

Demand for housing in Peterborough is high, therefore, and earlier this year an annual target of 1,000 new homes per year was set by the City Council. Recently, the development of 5,000 new homes at Great Haddon, to the west of the city, was given the green light. Outline planning permission also includes the building of schools and community facilities.

Underfloor Heating Installation is Popular Choice for New Builds

Underfloor heating systems are now an extremely popular choice for new build properties, such as those planned in Great Haddon. There’s a number of compelling reasons for this:

  • Radiant Heat – unlike the convection heating provided by radiators, underfloor heating heats mass rather than air, and avoids pulling dust into your living environment.
  • Flexible Design – once the need for radiators is removed, your design options immediately become more flexible.
  • Low Cost Heating – the use of liquid screed as part of your wet underfloor heating system ensures a rapid heat response. Warm rooms are achieved at lower water temperatures.

RB Liquid Screed are Recommended Underfloor Heating Installers in Peterborough

Our specialist screed teams have been installing underfloor heating systems for a number of years in Peterborough. During that time, we are proud to have received consistently positive feedback from developers and contractors who need a cost-effective, time-efficient approach to high quality installation. Our free, no obligation quotations are trusted to be transparent and accurate.

Top Quality Liquid Screed Products and Services in Peterborough

Our clients in Peterborough know that they can trust our range of liquid screed products. We source only from top UK suppliers, and our liquid screed product is second-to-none for underfloor heating installations. The ready mixed screed can be poured on site in hours by a small team of screed specialists. The liquid consistency ensures the obliteration of air voids, and is dry enough for light foot traffic after only 24/48 hours.

Our regional teams of screed installers are recruited locally to ensure maximum availability and flexible scheduling. Our Peterborough clients have direct access to their expertise throughout the underfloor heating installation, and this collaborative approach ensures that the environmental conditions can be prepared for optimal performance prior to the pour.

Why Choose RB Liquid Screed for Your Underfloor Heating Company?

  1. We know that our product provides a perfect flooring finish for underfloor heating.
  2. We have the skills to bring in our installations to deadline and on budget.
  3. Every project is managed from start to finish.
  4. Quality checking is an integral part of every single stage in the process of installation.
  5. We offer a second-to-none finish, in half the time that it would take using traditional screed

If you’re looking for an underfloor heating company with an innovative screed product, specialist screed teams, and an excellent track record for time-efficiency, call one of our underfloor heating experts today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984.

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