Underfloor Heating Birmingham

Underfloor Heating Birmingham

It’s been a busy year for the construction industry in Birmingham, and there’s lots to celebrate in 2018. The influential Crane Survey (2017) published this year, recorded the highest level of development across the city for 15 years. Edwin Bray, a partner at Deloitte, predicts a bright year ahead for Birmingham with HSBC relocating to the city, and welcomes a slew of construction projects across commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Birmingham has a population of 5.6 million and developers are working hard to ensure that there’s enough affordable housing for the growing demand. A major new development aimed at younger buyers is the Park Central development, just a 14 minute walk from New St Station. This is one of the largest urban renewal schemes anywhere in the UK, and it comprises 1,300 new apartments set in 8 acres of landscaped parkland.

Sustainable Housing for a New Generation of House Buyers

Birmingham is Britain’s youngest city which means that demand for sustainable housing is likely to be high. Younger buyers are looking for lower running costs, and the incorporation of eco-friendly technologies in the building process. Our Birmingham contractor clients tell us that the growing demand for underfloor heating is being driven by the need for cheaper utility bills, and the desire to see green energy solutions developed in place of fossil fuels.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • Dust free radiant heat
  • Fast, even heating
  • No need for radiators
  • Warmth achieved at lower water temperatures

RB Liquid Screed for First-Class Wet Underfloor Installations

As a local underfloor heating installer, we work closely Birmingham developers and contractors who are looking for speedy installation, guaranteed excellence, and onsite expertise. RB Liquid Screed ticks all the boxes. We use top quality, UK sourced products and our teams of installation experts are recruited locally in order to facilitate rapid response wherever they’re required.

Liquid Screed Guarantees Efficient Underfloor Heating

First the water pipes are laid. Then they’re encased in screed, which forms the sub floor. Liquid screed is fast becoming the default flooring technology for underfloor heating because it can be poured onsite, it ‘hugs’ the pipes leaving next to no air voids, and it’s designed for rapid heat response. This means that heat is transferred from the water pipes to all corners of the room at record speeds.

Liquid Screed Gets the Thumbs Up From Contractors

For our Birmingham contractor clients, the major benefit of liquid screed is its speed. With just a small team of specialist installers, the screed can be poured onsite in a matter of hours. It’s dry enough to walk on after a day, and it can be force dried within a week. They tell us that the finish is uniformly excellent, and that the risk of cracking, curling and shrinkage is virtually non-existent.

Floor Screeding Expertise From RB Liquid Screed

We’ve been getting very positive feedback from clients across Birmingham about the level of expert support we provide. We take pride in the skills our specialist teams bring to an installation, and contractors tell us they value the opportunity to be able to asked questions, and seek guidance from them directly at every stage of the installation.

As the pressure increases to develop the sustainability of our housing, we’re expecting to see underfloor heating grow continuously. If you would like to know more about specialist underfloor heating installation in Birmingham, call us today to talk to our liquid screed specialists.

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