Tips for Keeping a Cosy Kitchen

In every house that oozes warmth and comfort, the kitchen is often the odd one out- cold, clinical and far from the heart of the home. Striking balance between cosiness and cleanliness is very tricky and perhaps the most crucial part to get right, especially in a room that needs to be functional.

A sleek kitchen with a utilitarian feel may be the epitome of style right now, but there is no reason to make the most popular room feel soulless only to stay in trend. But, with the right styling tricks and accessories, it is possible to maintain a comfortable, cosy vibe in your kitchen.

Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen cosy:


Using Patterned Tiles as Splash-back

If you are looking to add colour and interest to your kitchen while keeping it easy to clean, then Moroccan or vintage tiles can do wonders especially for kitchen splash-backs.

Additionally, you can even add cosy touches to it by incorporating warm copper lighting and rustic wood. This would not only give your kitchen a beautiful vintage look but also give it a hint of Bohemian style.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Colours

For years, white gloss kitchens were in trend, but painted kitchens are back in fashion again.

In order to create a cosy vibe in your kitchen, what could be better than painting the cabinets with a dark colour, like blue-toned charcoal grey?

Dark colours like these would give you an air of Victorian Scullery. But, if you wish to make the same colour cabinets look more modern then you can opt for tiles, instead of groove panels. Also, opt for a tap and sink that gives your kitchen a contemporary look.

Rolling Out a Rug on the Floor

Talking of rugs in the kitchen may have some of you recoiling in horror. But, if you have an open-plan kitchen-diner, then a soft rug underneath the dining table can give it a softened look.

You can opt for Moroccan vintage rug, but if you prefer something that is more practical then there is a growing trend of rugs which are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. This is also an easy-clean option for your kitchen, while giving it a cosy vibe.

Embracing Warmth of Wood Kitchens

Natural materials always have a homely place in the kitchen. Not only do they look high-end, but a little bit of marble, brick and wood adds to the warmth.

You do not have to go for wooden kitchen cupboards, if you find them too much for you. Instead, you could consider a wooden worktop, open shelving or wood floor.

Using an Underfloor Heating System

In addition to selecting fittings and fixtures which reflect your taste and suit how you utilise your kitchen, it is equally important to install an efficient heating system. This system would assist you in creating a warm and cosy space.

The ideal option for kitchens where wall space is often at premium, warm water underfloor heating (UFH) would be the best option as it is an invisible heating system.

UFH works best, especially when your kitchen’s interior design is reflected in the UFH design but can also be installed in existing designs.