Retrofit Underfloor Heating in Norfolk

Retrofit Underfloor Heating in Norfolk

One of the questions our Norfolk clients ask regularly is “Will underfloor heating raise my floor?”. It’s a major consideration if you’re considering retrofitting a ufh system. Even a few millimetres added to your existing floor height could mean alterations to your door fittings, and skirting boards.

In this blog we address the challenge of retrofitting underfloor heating, and – our Norfolk clients will be pleased to hear – we provide an innovative solution.

Why Does Underfloor Heating Raise the Floor?

The installation of wet underfloor heating involves two stages. First a grid of water pipes are laid. Then the pipes need to be encased in liquid screed. The screed sub floor ‘hugs’ the pipes and facilitates the transfer of heat from the grid to all corners of the room. The flooring then needs to dry out thoroughly, before the flooring finish can be applied.

The two layers of construction – the water pipes, and then the liquid screed – can add to the floor build-up height.

An Alternative Underfloor Heating System

Where an underfloor heating system is being retrofitted in an older property, or in a refurbishment, the brief will often rule out a change in flooring height. Low profile heating has been developed to facilitate this kind of installation. It’s a lightweight, flexible version of the wet underfloor heating which is efficient and fast to install. Best of all, it doesn’t require intrusive excavation and can be fitted in hours.

What is Low Profile Heating?

Low profile heating is an innovative system which provides a simple and effective solution for underfloor heating retrofit projects. It comprises thin boards with integrated water pipes. These boards come in different thicknesses, between 15 – 68mm, and they can be fitted above, or below, your existing flooring. Because the water pipes are extremely thin, they tend to run at a higher temperature than a standard ufh underfloor heating installation.

What are the Benefits of Installing Low Profile Heating

First and foremost, you’ll have underfloor heating in under a day, without having to wait for the liquid screed flooring to cure and then dry. Second, the installation is far less intrusive than wet underfloor heating, and – once installed – you’ll be able to start using your heating system straight away. Finally, the floor level stays within the limits agreed in the brief. Normally a low profile installation can be completed within 24 hours.

Any Drawbacks to Installing Low Profile Underfloor Heating?

If you’re looking to heat a large space, or your home is high ceilinged, you may find that low profile underfloor heating isn’t sufficient as the primary heating source. The reason for this is the thinness of the water pipes. If the RB Liquid Screed installation team think this could be a problem, they’ll happily provide a heat-loss calculation for our Norfolk clients.

RB Screed are Experienced Low Profile Installers

We’re a trusted underfloor heating installer across Norfolk, and low profile heating represents an enhancement of our existing services. We take pride in introducing innovative products to our Norfolk clients, and we’re delighted to lead the way with low profile heating systems. If you’re looking to retrofit underfloor heating in your property, low profile heating is a great solution.

RB Liquid Screed retrofit underfloor heating in Norfolk using low profile heating solutions. Call us today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 to find out more.

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