Norfolk Liquid Screed Contractor

Norfolk Liquid Screed Contractor

Norfolk has long been one of the UK’s best kept secrets. It’s beaches and vast open spaces are firm favourites with British holidaymakers, but it’s only recently that it’s started to compete with Cambridgeshire as an attractive spot to put down roots. Now, according to a local property agents, retirees are beginning to favour the area, and are looking for a very particular type of property to buy.

Over 50s looking for a home in Norfolk tend to be fairly well-off and they’re looking for properties that don’t require a huge investment of time from their owners. Described as ‘turn key’ properties, the emphasis is on ease of living, minimum upkeep and – most important – luxury features such as underfloor heating that makes every homecoming a delight.

Liquid Screed – the Flooring Solution for Luxury Retirement Homes

As the British population ages, retirement housing is likely to become a priority. At present the market is underdeveloped and a range of living models are being developed to address the issue. As liquid screed contractors, we are acutely aware of the demand that is likely to develop over the next decade. We know that developers and refurbishers will be looking for effective, high quality flooring solutions to fulfil the high quality spec required.

Liquid Screed Provides Perfect Flooring Finishes Every Time

A number of contractors and developers across Norfolk have already embraced this advanced flooring technology. They tell us that the benefits of using liquid screed represent a step change for the industry. These include:

  • Arrives pre-mixed and can be poured on site
  • Requires only a small team of screed specialists to install
  • Installation is 10 times faster than using dry screed
  • Dries rapidly and can be walked on after just 24 hours
  • No shrinkage, cracking or curling – a perfect finish every time

Flow Screed is an Ideal Component for Underfloor Heating

One of the features that are particularly sought after in retirement housing is underfloor heating. Dust-free, radiant heat provides a luxurious, even warmth throughout the home, and it warms up living spaces fast. At its best, underfloor heating offers the perfect solution for modern living; it’s low cost and low maintenance, as well as removing the problem of where to put radiators in the home.

Liquid screed is a crucial component in the installation of effective wet underfloor heating. Once the pipes have been laid, screed acts as a thermal conductor for the heat to travel to every corner of of the floor space. The liquid consistency of flow screed ensures that air voids are eradicated in the pour, and the enhanced thermal conductivity of the design provides rapid heat response and instant, even heat.

Liquid Screed Contractor for Norfolk

As a highly recommended Norfolk liquid screed contractor we take our responsibilities extremely seriously. Our products are UK sourced from top quality suppliers and our services are supported by experts. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise brought to the process by our locally recruited teams. Because they are from the region, we’re able to offer a rapid response of projects across Norfolk.

If you’re looking for a flooring solution with a guaranteed flawless finish, or you’re looking for underfloor heating installation, contact our liquid screed experts today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984.

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