Manchester Underfloor Heating

RB Liquid Screed Provides Manchester Underfloor Heating

Manchester is a city that is no stranger to reinvention. Over the past 100 years it’s transformed itself from a northern industrial hub to being a highly regarded  beta global city. It now has the 3rd highest visitor footfall (after Edinburgh and London) in the UK. This is obviously due to its rich and diverse contribution to British music, but it’s also about about Manchester being one of the most vibrant and exciting city centres in the UK.

The Manchester city skyline has been characterised by pretty constant growth over the past few years, and 2019 is set to continue the trend. Planning permission has been granted to new developments which will increase the number of residential apartments available in the city centre, as well as extending the urban reach outwards. Manchester continues its relentless growth, in pretty much every direction.

Underfloor Heating Installation in Manchester

Wherever there’s a residential building boom in the UK, RB Liquid Screed has noticed it’s accompanied by a spike in demand for underfloor heating installation. The UK underfloor heating trend  has been growing steadily over the past couple of decades and it looks set to continue. As one of Manchester’s leading underfloor heating installers we’re preparing for a busy year ahead.

Why is Underfloor Heating Growing in Popularity?

Younger homeowners are looking for sustainable high quality heating. Underfloor heating ticks all the boxes:

  • Underfloor heating provides rapid, even heating for your home, using lower water temperatures than radiators.
  • UFH heats objects rather than heating the air. This creates less dust in the air, and maintains the moisture in the domestic environment.
  • Doing away with radiators liberates your interior design

Innovative Liquid Screed Creates Effective Underfloor Heating

We pride ourselves on using on the very best materials for the job when installing wet underfloor heating. Liquid screed was developed to provide enhanced thermal conductivity. This means that it transfers the heat from the water pipes to every corner of the room fast and efficiently. The rapidity of the transfer ensures that lower water temperatures are required for effective and efficient domestic heating.

The Benefits of Liquid Screed for Manchester Underfloor Heating

A number of our Manchester contractor clients have already adopted liquid screed because of the range of benefits it confers to underfloor heating installations. These include:

  • On Site Installation. Liquid screed arrives pre-mixed and can be poured onsite by a small team of screed specialists.
  • Designed for Underfloor Heating. Effective underfloor heating relies on there being no air pockets in the flooring. The liquid consistency guarantees no air gaps.
  • Rapid Drying Times. After just 24 hours liquid screed is dry enough for light footfall. After 7 days it can be force dried.
  • Perfect Flooring Finish. High quality liquid screed guarantees a perfect finish every time.

Manchester Underfloor Heating Specialists

RB Liquid Screed is considered one of the leading Manchester underfloor heating installers because we use high quality UK sourced materials, and expert screeding teams. Our screed specialists are locally recruited to ensure a rapid response, and second-to-none skills and service.

If you’re thinking of installing Manchester underfloor heating, why not call our installation team to talk through the services we can provide?

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