What Makes Underfloor Heating The Best Option For Homes And Offices?

Is Underfloor Heating the Best Option For Homes And Offices ?

Underfloor heating is not a new concept because the Romans used it. However, a lack of understanding regarding the working of such systems led to its decline and the rise of radiators. But, RB Liquid Screed is here to change that. We have an in-depth knowledge about warm water underfloor heating systems and are dedicated to making every home and office in the UK energy-efficient.

If you are wondering why underfloor heating is the best heating solution, take a look at some of the reasons compiled by our professionals.

Energy-efficient: Our warm water underfloor heating systems work exceptionally well with low temperatures in concrete floors, approximately 40 to 45°C resulting in energy savings. If you are looking for more ways to reduce energy, we can combine our heating systems with a heat pump.

Reduces health risks: If you opt for our heating solution, you will be able to eliminate dust mites from your property as the moisture content will not be congenial for them to survive. So, you or the other occupants of the building will not have to worry about breathing issues like, asthma.

Balanced heat distribution: At RB Liquid Screed, we offer you underfloor heating systems capable of evenly distributing heat in your home or office. Irrespective of whether your building has a high or low ceiling, you can look forward to comfortable heat distribution.

Low maintenance and versatility are some more reasons why our heating solution is the best. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact RB Liquid Screed. Our team of professionals will be more than willing to help you with all the details that you need regarding our underfloor heating systems. From the design to the installation, you can count on our complete support.