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The UK’s capital is currently in a race to deliver 65,000 new homes each year in order to meet Sadiq Khan’s London Plan. At present the figures aren’t looking good; just 31,723 new properties were built in 2017 (including conversions and changes in uses) which is just over half of the target set. These disappointing figures are being set against more robust results in the rest of Britain with some regions even exceeding the quotas set.

So what’s the problem in London? There are any number of reasons given for the shortfall, from Brexit to battles over further incursions into the green belt. But what all our clients are talking about is the fallout – an ongoing squeeze on profit margins. The race is currently on to find ways of enhancing productivity, without compromising on quality. Which is where RB Liquid Screed enters the conversation.

Advanced Technology Cuts Costs and Enhances Productivity

What every contractor is looking for are solutions that save time and money. RB Liquid Screed has just that. We provide flow screed which delivers high quality sub floors fast and efficiently. Our London contractors are describing this advanced flooring technology as a ‘generational shift’ from the manual process to its fully automated replacement.

Dry Screed

Until fairly recently, the ‘go to’ solution for sub flooring was ‘dry’ or ‘traditional’ screed. This is a manual mix of 4:1 sand to cement. It requires considerable skill to achieve the right mix for the environment, and the stakes are high. If the mix is too wet, this leads to damp, whilst a screed that’s too dry can result in cracking and curling. All costly faults to remediate.

Liquid Screed

Designed as the second generation of floor screeding materials, liquid screed is pre-mixed to industry standards. It is poured on site, using a small team of screed specialists. The mix is self levelling, and a perfect finish is guaranteed every time.

The range of benefits offered by this 21st century technology include:

  • Speed: 2000m² per day can be easily achieved for an average 500-1000m² per day
  • Rapid Dry: Once poured the flooring will be dry enough to take light floor traffic after just 24 hours
  • Force Drying: After 7 days the floor can be force dried
  • Excellent Finish: Contractors report that there is minimal risk of cracking, curling or shrinkage when using liquid screed.

London Floor Screeding Contractors

RB Liquid Screed takes pride in providing second-to-none UK sourced screed products. We also support our clients by offering high quality flow screed services. Our screed specialists are regionally recruited to provide a rapid response team to London clients. Whether it’s a free no obligation quotation, advice on liquid screed use, or facilitating the on site pour, they’re a valuable resource.

For clients wanting to use liquid screed for underfloor heating projects we can provide support for every step of the installation. Our screed specialists will help with the preparation of the environment, and project manage the process from start to finish.

If you’re a London contractor or developer who’d like to know more about liquid screed, call our screed specialists today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984

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