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The challenges of working in a low-margin environment are felt most acutely in London. A recent survey provided shocking figures around current profit margins. It showed that the UK’s 10 biggest contractors made a combined margin of less than half a percent on turnover of £31bn. Consequently businesses in the capital are looking for new strategies to increase their profit margins, without hiking up prices.

New Technologies Help With the Profit Margin

Construction companies are being advised to look to new technologies to improve efficiency. The argument runs that replacing slow, manual processes provides multiple benefits. The most obvious is that you cut down on your wage bill, but there’s also the reduction of human error to factor in, and the saving of precious time which can be utilised elsewhere.

Liquid screed may not be software, but its advanced technology is currently solving a major problem, for construction companies.

Floor Screed – the Traditional Method

Screed flooring provides the sub-floor prior to finishing with tiles or carpet. Traditional screed is manually mixed using sand and cement. It is then laid using a team of screeding specialists. it must be laid in sections and a good team could manage around 120² meters per day. The standard drying time for traditional screed is 1 day per 1mm thickness. So 50mm screed will take 50 days to dry.

This manual process requires a high level of skill as every environment will need a slightly different screed mix to avoid cracking, curling and shrinking. Get the mix wrong and it remediation is costly, both financially and in terms of time wasted.

Liquid Screeding – Advanced 21st Century Technology

Liquid screed was created in order to speed up the laying of a sub-floor. It removes the manual process and its potential for error, and speeds up installation and drying times.

  • Liquid screed arrives pre-mixed and can poured onsite.
  • The pour requires only a small team of screed specialists onsite.
  • 2000² metres can be laid in a day.
  • Flow screed is self levelling, and carries minimal risk of cracking, curling or shrinking.
  • Once poured, liquid screeding is dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24 hours.
  • The flooring can be force dried after 7 days.

Liquid Screeding London Given Thumbs Up By Contractors

The advantages of liquid screed are immediately obvious to contractors looking for extra margin. So much so that we’ve seen high levels of adoption across London and the UK. Feedback we’ve received on the product acknowledges the installation speed, the guaranteed finish, and the reduction of the drying time. There’s also a thumbs up for the eco-friendly materials used in the design – so much so that it’s acquired the nickname of ‘green flooring’.

RB Liquid Screed for Products and Services

We’re a liquid screed contractor offering first class products and services to clients across London. All our products are sourced in the UK from leading suppliers. Our regional teams of liquid screed specialists are recruited locally in order to provide rapid response expertise, where and when they’re needed. We take pride in our in-house expertise around floor screeding, and share access to to with all our clients from the start of the installation process right through to aftercare.

If you require floor screeding products of services, call RB Liquid Screed today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 to find out how we can support your installation.

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