Liquid Screed Wellingborough

Liquid Screed Wellingborough

Northamptonshire has set ambitious targets for the number of new builds it requires across the county in the next 12 years. 25, 768 homes need to be built by 2031, and 7,000 of these need to be completed in Wellingborough. So far 1,504 have been built and a number of new housing developments are in the planning stages.

2019 got off to a good start as far as Wellingborough’s continued growth is concerned. Just before Christmas, plans for a new neighbourhood made up of 600 new homes was approved. The site is on two fields between Park Farm and the Queensway Estate and 180 of the total are required to be designated as ‘affordable housing’.

Wellingborough Contractors Welcome Innovative Technologies

The construction industry is currently enjoying a boom thanks to recent research demonstrating the need for between 240,000 and 340,000 new UK builds per year. The amount of new construction work has, however, means that contractors are looking for innovative ways to boost productivity, and reduce costs where possible.

Liquid screed is one of the solutions that has been enthusiastically adopted by our clients in Wellingborough. Many of them, having used it for the first time, describe it as a ‘no brainer’. Why is liquid screed attracting such positive feedback? Because it significantly reduces the amount of time it takes screeding teams to install sub flooring.

Liquid Screed Flooring Solution

Until recently screeding was a manual process that required a team of screeders to install it at a rate of 125 m² per day. Liquid screed is a 21st century solution which is set to replace ‘traditional’ or ‘dry’ screeding.

Liquid screed is designed to streamline the installation process:

  • Liquid screed is pre-mixed
  • Flow screed can be poured onsite
  • Installation rate averages 1,000-1,500m² per day
  • Small team of screed specialists required
  • Dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24 hours
  • Self-levelling consistency, and an excellent finish every time
  • Can be force dried after 7 days

Liquid Screed is Perfect for Underfloor Heating

With sustainability high on the agenda for new builds, underfloor heating is a popular choice, especially with younger house buyers. When installed alongside a condensing boiler, underfloor heating is able to achieve 90% energy efficiency, and return lower bills than conventional radiators. Floor screeding is designed to maximise the efficiency of wet underfloor heating.

There are two main reasons why liquid screed can be depended upon to deliver heating energy efficiency. First, the liquid consistency hugs the water pipes and eradicates the potential for air voids. Second, liquid screed is designed to deliver enhanced thermal conductivity. This means that the heat from the pipes is delivered efficiently to every corner of the room.

RB Liquid Screed for First Class Customer Services in Wellingborough

We pride ourselves on the quality the products and services we supply to our Wellingborough clients. This means providing top quality UK sourced liquid screed, and screed installation experts to facilitate the pour. We recruit of specialist screeding teams locally to ensure a rapid response for Wellingborough clients across the region.

If you require screeding products or services, call RB Liquid Screed on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 for expert advice, installation guidance and high quality flow screed materials.

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