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Liquid Screed Telford For Housing Developments

The New Town of Telford has been growing in size and stature since it was first given its new name in 1968. In 2007, a £250 million regeneration plan recognised the need to enhance the facilities offered by the town centre. Since then new restaurants, a library and an IMAX cinema have opened as part of a strategy to develop the town’s potential for a vibrant nightlife, and more community activities.

Telford is perfectly placed for easy access to Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley and Walsall. This makes the town a popular choice for young professionals with families. Housing development is a constant, therefore, as the town continues to grow its boundaries. Early in 2018 a new 395-home housing estate was given the go-ahead on a site west of Castle Farm Way, in Priorslee.

Liquid Screed Services in Shropshire

We’re currently working on a range of liquid screeding projects with contractors and developers across Telford. New building developments are always up against tight deadlines, and even tighter budgets; this makes RB Liquid Screed’s self-levelling screed the technology of choice for fast, high quality flooring finishes.

Our floor screed clients in Telford are giving us feedback on:

Rapid Installation – Liquid screed can be installed fast, using just a small team of specialist installers. The pour is facilitated on-site and installation is completed in hours, rather than days. Liquid screed dries very quickly. Normally it is dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24/48 hours. Our Telford clients are extremely positive about the cost-effectiveness of the speedy installation.

Excellent Finish Every Time – We are able to promise our clients an consistently excellent finish when using liquid screed. How can we be so sure? Our self levelling screed has been exhaustively tested to meet industry benchmarks. Developers tell us that blemishes are eradicated in the pour, and problems with cracking or curling are virtually non-existent.

Flexible Application – whilst liquid screed is the perfect choice for a great flooring finish, it can also be used as part of an underfloor heating installation. Clients comment on the eradication of air voids as an extremely positive aspect of this application. They also point out that liquid screed is popular with home owners.  Liquid screed is an excellent conductor of heat. This lowers water temperatures and saves money on bills.

CPCS Approved Installers

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Customers are at the Heart of Liquid Screed Telford

We know that liquid screed is a first-class product, but that’s only one half of the sales equation. Our customers across Telford need to trust us for the professionalism and quality of our services. We take great pride in our customer-centred ethos:

Access to Expertise – clients get direct access to our specialist installers, ensuring that advice, tips and guidance comes from experts.
Free No Obligation Quote – every free no obligation quotation is compiled by one of our liquid screed specialists. That way, you know it’s accurate!
Bespoke Installations – we know that your installation will bring unique challenges, which is why we treat every single project as bespoke.
We’re Specialists – we have developed our reputation for being liquid screed experts and that’s where we concentrate all our services.
Local Specialist Teams – we are careful to recruit local teams of liquid screed installation experts from across the county to ensure prompt and efficient services for your project.

Flow Screed Telford for Eco-Friendly Results

All 21st century flooring products need impeccable green credentials. Flow screed is known in the construction industry as ‘green flooring’ because of its design and enhanced thermal conductivity.

Why not call our flow screed specialists today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 to discuss how liquid screed could support your flooring or underfloor heating installation in Telford?

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