Liquid Screed Services in Coventry

Looking for Liquid Screed Services in Coventry?

The construction sector is booming in Coventry as the city skyline looks set for radical change over the next few years. There are major developments in the pipeline including a massive expansion of the local university, and a city centre refurbishment, including the completion of a water park and leisure centre on Union St.

Coventry is planning the provision of  over 7,000 new homes in the region:

Bishops Gate East: 260 homes on the Dale Buildings site, Cook Street

Abbotts Lane: 700 homes on the old National Grid site, Abotts Lane

Keresley: 3,100 new homes as a result of village expansion

Browns Lane: 475 homes on green belt land

Foleshill: 63 new homes on the site of the famous Courtaulds factory

Eastern Green: 2,600 new homes on this former green belt land

An Innovative Solution for Coventry’s Housing Boom

When the pressure’s on, contractors and developers start looking for innovative solutions to boost productivity. Our Coventry clients tell us that they’re always looking for ways to speed up the build process, reduce workforce involvement, and improve profit margins. At RB Liquid Screed we’re delighted to be providing a 21st century screed sub flooring that is revolutionising screed services.

What are the Benefits of Using Liquid Screed?

Until fairly recently, screed flooring was mixed manually using a 4:1 ratio of sand to cement. A team of screeders was then required to lay the flooring, with the best results achieving 125m² per day.

Liquid screed turns a manual process into something far more streamlined:

  • Ready Mixed: The screed arrives ready mixed on site, and can be poured immediately, using just a small team of screed specialists
  • Fast Installation: The pour averages coverage of 1,000-1,500m² per day
  • Rapid Dry: A liquid screed installation is dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24/48 hours
  • Perfect Finish: The liquid consistency is self levelling, and guarantees a perfect finish. THere’s minimal risk of cracking, curling or shrinkage
  • Force Drying: Liquid screed can be force dried after just 7 days

Many of our Coventry contractors are now using liquid screed and say there’s no way they’d return to dry screed. They’re particularly impressed by the quality and durability of the mix, and the great flooring finish it provides.

Liquid Screed for Underfloor Heating Installation

Liquid screed is perfectly suited to wet underfloor heating installations. The liquid consistency ensures that water pipes are completely enveloped, avoiding air voids forming. The mix is designed for rapid thermal conductivity. This means that heat is transferred from its source, to every corner of the room, fast.

RB Liquid Screed for Second-to-None Liquid Screed Services

Our screed specialists are recruited locally as a rapid response team for Coventry clients. They provide free no obligation quotes, as well as advice, and guidance on every step of the screed installation process. Clients in Coventry tell us that the blend of high quality product, and product expertise makes liquid screed a ‘no brainer’ when it comes to choosing effective flooring solutions.

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