Liquid Screed Peterborough

Rising Demand for Liquid Screed Peterborough

Peterborough’s population has grown by a massive 28% since the census was last taken in 2001. This makes it the UK’s 4th fastest growing city and a runaway success story for Cambridgeshire. The reasons for its success could be the fact that it’s a crossroad city, between London, the North, the Midlands and East Anglia. Peterborough’s location has attracted many of the major logistics and haulage businesses to the area.

Population growth on the scale of that seen in Peterborough requires serious attention to housing development across the city. The local plan is to build 21,315 homes by 2036. This requires substantial house building year on year in order to achieve the target. 2018 saw the commencement of a 5,350 development at Great Haddon, 16% of which have been designated as affordable housing.

An Advanced Technology for 21st Century Builds

For cities like Peterborough with ambitious housing targets to meet, local contractors will be looking for cost-effective solutions designed to streamline construction. RB Liquid Screed is proud to be offering advanced technology flooring which delivers rapid installation and drying times, facilitated by a small team of screed specialists.

The benefits of working with liquid screed include:

  • Liquid screed is pre-mixed for a consistently high quality finish
  • It can be poured on site, by a small team of screed specialists
  • Flow screed can be laid at a rate of 2000² metres in a day
  • It’s self levelling, and the risk of curling, cracking or shrinkage is minimal
  • Liquid screed can be walked on after just 24 hours
  • Ready for force drying after 7 days

Liquid Screed Peterborough for Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating market is set to grow by 8%  in 2019 according to recent growth forecasts. It’s popular with young families purchasing new build properties. They’re looking for the design freedom afforded by the absence of radiators, and the dust-free, even heating provided by radiant heat.

Liquid screed is a perfect component for wet underfloor heating installations. Its liquid consistency ensures that the screed hugs the water pipes, negating the possibility of air voids, and it’s designed for enhanced thermal conductivity. Even better, floor screed’s rapid heat response works with lower water temperatures, guaranteeing reductions on heating costs for homeowners.

Positive Feedback from Peterborough Contractors and Developers

RB Liquid Screed Peterborough clients have been working with liquid screed for a while now. They tell us that the speed of installation and the guaranteed quality of the floor finish makes it their default choice going forward. They’re also delighted that it’s a sustainable flooring solution, which reduces energy usage and saves money on household bills.

RB Liquid Screed for Top Quality Products and Services

As a highly recommended liquid screed supplier in Peterborough, we guarantee top quality, UK sourced products for our client in the region. We’re also recognised for the specialist skills provided by our screed specialists who facilitate installation. These are locally recruited experts who form rapid response teams for projects as and when they are needed.

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