Is Liquid Screed The Perfect Floor Solution? Find Out!

The Perfect Flooring Solution

Liquid screed is the modern alternative to traditional cement and sand screed. It is also called anhydrite screed, calcium sulphate screed or flowing screed and is specifically designed to offer a smooth surface in both domestic and commercial buildings before the application of a floor covering. Liquid screed is also proving to be the preferred choice for use with underfloor heating and we, at RB Liquid Screed can supply a complete selection of floor screed.

If you are planning to install a new floor or renovate your existing floors, liquid screed is the ideal solution.

# Smooth and even floor surface;

In the floor laying process, liquid screed plays an integral role in providing a level and smooth surface for the installation of your final floor covering. If you directly lay your new flooring onto concrete, the result may be uneven floors with imperfections.

# Laying liquid screed is quick and easy;

Unlike conventional screed, liquid screed can cover a 100 metre square area within forty-five minutes. Thanks to our team of highly-skilled, experienced flooring screeding contractors, we can ensure that the floor screed is laid as quickly as possible.

# Quick-drying capabilities;

A fabulous benefit of choosing liquid screed over traditional screed is that it dries exceptionally fast. In fact, once we have finished laying the screed, you can walk on it within 24 to 48 hours, and can even commence the process of installing new flooring.

So, if you want premium quality liquid screed for your flooring project, do not hesitate to contact RB Liquid Screed. We not only supply liquid screed, but our professional contractors can also take care of your whole project from start to finish.