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Looking for Liquid Screed in Oxford?

Like every other city in the UK, Oxford has set ambitious targets for creating 1,000s of new homes over the next two decades. Such is the need for housing to accommodate the city’s workers, that plans are being developed to build ‘upwards’ in the city.  The famous city skyline of ‘dreaming spires’ has been maintained in its present state for decades. Now Oxford’s Head of Planning has said that buildings considered an enhancement to the city, could be given the go ahead.

Another major development for Oxford is the Oxford-Cambridge Arc  which could see thousands of new homes springing up on the outskirts of the city. The aim of this massive project is to improve the air quality in Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford. It is also seen as a huge economic development with planning for over a million homes along the route of the arc.

Innovative Materials Needed for Building Boom

In times of major construction and infrastructure development, contractors are on the look out for new and innovative building materials. First, they’re looking for ways to expedite building projects. Second they’re always conscious of profit margins being squeezed, which puts a premium on working smarter.

Liquid Screed Oxford Delivers Savings

As a leading screed contractor in Oxford, we take pride in offering an innovative product that saves contractors time and money. Liquid Screed has been designed for the 21st century construction industry. Until recently, screed had to be mixed manually on site. Liquid screed arrives ready mixed and ready to pour.

But that’s just the first of its many benefits:

  • Consistent Quality. Liquid screed arrives pre-mixed to industry standards. Oxford contractors who’ve adopted this innovative technology confirm that it delivers consistently excellent results.
  • Small Team Facilitation. Liquid screed is poured on site. Using just a small team of screed specialists, coverage is 1,000-1,500m² per day, on average. This is around 10 times the coverage achieved by dry, or traditional screed installers, whilst using a smaller team.
  • Excellent Finish. Liquid screed has been designed to guarantee a great finish on every job. It’s a self-levelling mix, and there’s minimal risk of curling, cracking or shrinkage. Oxford contractors confirm that it can be relied upon , time after time.
  • Fast Installation. Once poured, liquid screed requires between 24/48 hours to be dry enough for light foot traffic. After a further 7 days it can be force dried. Floor screeding has never been this fast, or this reliable.

Oxford Liquid Screed Contractors

RB Liquid Screed offers the very best product, sourced in the UK. In order to deliver our Oxford screeding services, we recruit leading screed specialists locally. Our experts are the foundation of our liquid screed installation services and we have a number of rapid response teams ready to start work when our clients need them.

When you contact RB Liquid Screed, you’ll get straight through to one of our screed specialists. They can create a free no obligation quote for you, or offer expert advice on installation, environmental prep, or liquid screed aftercare.

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