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Rising Demand for Floor Screeding Northampton

Northampton Borough Council is under pressure to provide new homes and affordable housing. The target for new homes in Northamptonshire is an ambitious 37,000 new dwellings by 2021, rising to 80,000 in 2031. This goal became a little more manageable last November, when planning permission for 3,000 new homes as part of the Dallington Grange development was approved. 300 of these are designated as ‘affordable housing’ but the planning committee noted that this isn’t enough.

Contractors working hard to meet local targets and tight budgets, are looking for ways to reduce costs, and improve productivity. Innovative tech is increasingly providing the construction industry with ways to work faster and smarter. RB Liquid Screed is proud to be a trusted supplier of one of the solutions which is currently being adopted in order  to speed up flooring and underfloor heating installation.

Floor Screeding Northampton for Guaranteed Excellence

For over a century dry screed has been the accepted method for sub-flooring installation. This is a manual process which requires a team of skilled installers. Liquid screed minimises the manual element and speeds up installation:

  • Liquid screed is pre-mixed for flooring excellence every time
  • The screed is poured on site, at a rate of 2000² metres per day
  • Installation requires only a small team of screed specialists
  • The liquid mix is self-levelling
  • There’s minimal risk of cracking, curling or shrinkage
  • Light foot traffic is possible after just 24 hours
  • The floor can be force dried after 7 days

Floor Screeding Northampton for Underfloor Heating Installation

Demand for energy saving technology is going to grow considerably over the next decade. One popular indication of this is the growth in demand for underfloor heating. Young families like the dust free, radiant heat and they appreciate the cost saving benefits it brings. Consequently, liquid screed was developed with underfloor heating installations in mind.

The liquid consistency of the mix is ideal for wet underfloor heating. Flow screed naturally hugs water pipes closely, ensuring no air voids. It’s also designed for enhanced thermal conductivity. Heat flows rapidly from the water pipes across the room, providing even distribution of radiant heat. Rapid heat distribution allows for the use of lower water temperatures, which is a saving for homeowners.

Northampton Contractors Give Us Their Feedback

We regularly hear that once you’ve used liquid screed there’s no going back to the manual method. Contractors tell us that the finish is excellent, time after time, and that the process of installation is quicker, easier, and more consistent than with dry screed. They’re also happy to have found a sustainable product that conserves energy and saves on bills.

RB Liquid Screed Supply High Quality Products and Services

At RB Liquid Screed we’re proud to be supplying the construction industry with an innovative 21st century technology. We supply only UK sourced, high quality liquid screed to our clients. Our screed specialists are key to the successful adoption of flow screed, and they’re recruited locally in order to be available quickly should they be needed.

If you would like to know more about floor screeding, call our team of screeding experts today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984. If you are planning a liquid screed installation, we have teams available for an immediate start.

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