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Contractors and Developers Give Thumbs Up to Liquid Screed Midlands

The mighty engine of the the Midlands powered the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, and now it’s powering 21st century growth for the UK economy. The ‘Midlands Engine’ is an innovative partnership of businesses across the region, local authorities, councils and universities. Together they are working with the government to build the Midlands ‘brand’ both at home and abroad, to make its offer compelling and competitive.

The driving aims of the Midlands Engine are to drive tech connections, grow skills, develop international trade links, encourage innovation and build an environment that people want to live and do business in. Clients using our liquid screed services in the Midlands are proud of the business and industrial heritage of the region, and are very much behind this push to place the region in the context of world trade and 21st century innovation.

Liquid Screed Midlands

The success of the Midlands Engine as a powerhouse for growth needs a strong and innovative housing development sector. We are currently providing our liquid screed services in the Midlands to contractors and developers in all corners of the region. They’re telling us that liquid screed not only provides an excellent flooring finish every time, it also saves them time and money.

Why is Self-Levelling Screed a Game Changer?

A ‘game changer’ product tends to come along once in a generation, and at RB Liquid Screed we firmly believe this is it. Traditional screed was the default flooring product for the 20th century; it had to be mixed manually, required a large team to cover large spaces, and required at least a week to be dry enough to walk on. Liquid screed arrives ready to pour, can be laid by a small team of specialists, and is dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24 hours.

Self Levelling Screed for a Perfect Flooring Finish

Flow screed is poured on site, achieving up to 1,500m2 per day. It requires a small team to manage to installation and its liquid consistency ensures that all blemishes or imperfections are obliterated in the process. It’s a self levelling material, creating an extremely strong flooring foundation with minimal risk of cracking or curling. After a day it can be walked on, after 7 days it can be force dried.

Floor Screed for Underfloor Heating

One of the many reasons why liquid screed is currently attracting such attention is the fact that it’s a perfect component for wet underfloor heating installations. Air voids become a thing of the past as the liquid consistency of the screed ensures that it hugs the water pipes tightly leaving no gaps. Liquid screed has been designed for ultra-efficient thermal conductivity, meaning that effective underfloor heating can be achieved with lower temperatures.

Feedback From Liquid Screed Midlands Clients

Contractors and developers across the Midlands region are telling us that liquid screed is now their default flooring choice. They are delighted by the speed and efficiency of the product, which speaks to 21st century deadlines. They’re also pleased with the quality of the flooring finish which is consistently high. Finally, they tell us that liquid screed ticks all the boxes when it comes to eco-friendly credentials.

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