liquid screed for underfloor heating

Why Choose Liquid Screed for Underfloor Heating?

The lure of warm feet and evenly heated homes is driving a growing trend for underfloor heating  across Europe. Currently the industry is growing at 13% per year, which outstrips construction sector growth of 8%. So why the sudden interest in an alternative form of heating? Analysts point to market trends that would support the UFH phenomenon:

  •  It’s an Energy Saving Option. Underfloor heating works on lower water temperatures than those required for traditional central heating. That’s good for energy bills, and for the environment!
  • It Gets Rid of Radiators. UFH allows you to free up your open plan areas by removing your wall mounted radiators. With even heat rising from under the floor, there’s no need to cluster furniture around a heating source.
  • Radiant Heat is Healthier. Central heating works by drawing in cold air, heating it and releasing it. This circular heating motion dries out the atmosphere, and pulls dust into the air. Radiant heating heats objects rather than the air.

Which Screeding Services for Underfloor Heating?

Wet underfloor heating relies on screed flooring to transfer heat from the grid of water pipes out to every corner of the room.

When it comes to choosing the kind of screed to lay, you have a clear choice between:

1. Dry (Traditional) Screed

This is manually mixed screed using a 4:1 ration of sand to cement. Professional dry screeders will mix the screed on site, and a team of screeders can lay up to 120 metres² per day.

2. Liquid Screed

This arrives pre-mixed on site, and can be poured directly onto the water pipes by a small team of screed specialists. With this method, 2000 metres² laid daily.

Liquid Screed is Designed for Use in Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a 21st century phenomenon and liquid screed has been designed to facilitate top quality installation. Its liquid consistency ensures that the water pipes are entirely enveloped during the pour. This eradicates the potential for air voids creating uneven heating. Liquid screed also has enhanced thermal conductivity, guaranteeing rapid heat response.

Once installed, liquid screed takes just 24/48 hours to provide a surface dry enough for light foot traffic. Force drying, using the underfloor heating system and dehumidifiers, can then be carried out just 7 days later. Liquid screed represents an innovative technology which has been developed to create the very best conditions for high quality underfloor heating systems.

Leading UK Liquid Screeding Services

RB Liquid Screed takes pride in the fact that we provide consistently top quality liquid screed products for our clients across the UK. We also work with screed experts who are able to offer expert advice and guidance on preparing the environment for the pour, and appropriate aftercare subsequent to the underfloor heating installation.

If you’re looking for liquid screed services and underfloor heating installation , call us our screed specialists today 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 to find out how we can support you.

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