Liquid Screed Derbyshire

A Growing Need for Liquid Screed Derbyshire

There were a number of new housing developments announced across Derbyshire in 2018. 140 badly needed ‘build to rent’ homes are planned for Langley Mills, utilising a large patch of overgrown grassland. Matlock has seen the completion of 58 new affordable houses for local people, and there are also plans for 400 new homes off Gritstone Road in Matlock.

The county is badly in need of new affordable homes so the pace of development across Derbyshire is only likely to to intensify over the next five years. Local contractors are telling us that budgets are tight and so they’re on the look-out for innovative technology that reduces costs, and speeds up the pace of construction.

Liquid Screed Offers an Innovative Flooring Solution

Whilst technology often refers to software, it’s not always the case. Liquid screed is a 21st century flooring technology, which is poised to become the default product for housing developments. So what’s new about it? Here are the key benefits it delivers:

  • It arrives ready mixed to industry standards
  • Liquid screed is poured on-site, averaging 2000² metres each day
  • Requires only a small team of screed specialists to facilitate pour
  • The mix is self levelling
  • Perfect finish every time with no cracking, curling or shrinkage
  • Can take light foot traffic after 24 hours
  • Force dry after 7 days

Prior to liquid screed, laying a sub floor was a manual process requiring a substantial team, with a working rate 10 times slower to achieve similar results.

Flow Screed is Ideal for Underfloor Heating

Many local councils are now setting sustainability targets for new builds. Underfloor heating is fast becoming a popular sustainable solution with homeowners and contractors. Efficient wet underfloor heating requires water heated to lower temperatures to provide an even spread of heating. This saves on energy and on heating bills, as well as providing a radiant, dust free heating for the home.

Liquid screed was designed with underfloor heating in mind. Its liquid consistency hugs the grid of water pipes, minimising the risk of air voids. Its enhanced thermal conductivity  ensures a rapid heat response to every corner of the flooring. As a result the rising heat provides an even warmth fast, with no cold spots. The efficiency of the screed technology means that water temperature – and household bills – can be kept at a lower rate.

A Leading Supplier of Liquid Screed Derbyshire

Our clients across Derbyshire are telling us that liquid screed is increasing their profit margins, and their productivity. We pride ourselves on supplying them with the very best products, sourced from leading UK suppliers, and second-to-none services. Our locally recruited screed specialists form a number of rapid response installation teams. Because of this, we’re able to service construction projects fast.

Key to the speedy adoption of liquid screed technology has been the sharing of screed expertise. Our clients have access to screed specialists throughout the installation process. In the first instance it’s our experts who create the free no obligation quotes. Thereafter, it’s the same experts who offer advice and guidance on preparing the screed environment, drying times, and flow screed aftercare.

If you would like to know more about liquid screed, call our specialists on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 for advice, guidance and an accurate no obligation quotation.

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