Liquid Screed Bristol

Liquid Screed Bristol Proves Popular With Developers

Bristol was once known as the starting point for maritime exploration to the New World and North America. Now tourists from around the world flood into the city to discover the city-centre docks offering a wealth of cultural and historical sites to explore. Bristol has twice been named as the best city in Britain to live in by The Sunday Times, and it’s also won the EU’s prestigious European Green Capital Award.

One of the consequences of Bristol’s success story is growing demand for housing in the city. The City Council has pledged to build 26,400 homes in Bristol before 2026, a proportion of which will be affordable housing. Developments taking place in 2018 include 112 flats in the Carriageworks Building in Stokes Croft, 19 duplex apartments in the Cigar Factory in Southville,  and 135 new houses in the former Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Factory.

Bristol Embraces Innovative Floor Screed

Bristol has endlessly innovated in order to become the vibrant, diverse city visitors encounter. Maybe it is this entrepreneurial spirit which explains the growing demand we’ve experienced for our liquid screed services in Bristol. We now how developers across the region offering us feedback on the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our UK sourced liquid screed.

Why Choose Liquid Screed Bristol?

With an ambitious housing development target to hit, Bristol’s developers are always on the look out for products that can save them time and money on their construction schedules. Liquid screed is a 21st century solution that has been designed to replace the manual installation of traditional screed. Flow screed arrives ready-mixed. It can be poured on site by a small team of screed specialists, and it’s dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24/48 hours.

Liquid Screed Provides Excellent Results Every Time

Whereas a traditional screed installation could take up to a month to complete, flow screed can be force dried after just 7 days. Its liquid consistency makes it a self-leveling screed, and ensures the effective obliteration of blemishes in the pour. The gypsum base crystallises as it dries, creating an extremely strong and durable sub-floor with minimal risk of cracking or shrinkage.

Use Liquid Screed for Underfloor Heating

Many new housing developments are integrating underfloor heating in their design because of its eco-friendly reputation, and relatively dust-free environmental benefits. Liquid screed has been designed to work in perfect partnership with wet underfloor heating systems. Flow screed envelops water pipes without leaving air voids, and its enhanced thermal conductivity ensures that effective heating happens using lower water temperatures.

Benefits for Housing Developers

Our clients across the Bristol region tell us that liquid screed speeds up their construction schedule and provides consistently excellent results. They appreciate the green credentials of the product and recognise the cost-saving benefits that they are able to pass onto buyers of the properties they build. Finally, they tell us that working with our local screed specialists simplifies and streamlines the installation process.

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