Installing Underfloor Heating in Existing House

Installing Underfloor Heating in an Existing House

Underfloor heating is now a very real alternative for British households looking for an alternative to traditional radiators. The sector has shown healthy growth over the past few years, capturing 7-8% of the heating market, and it looks set to continue to rise.

There are 5 key reasons why underfloor heating is proving so popular in the UK:

1. A Different Kind of Heat. Radiators operate on convection heating which heats the air in a room. Underfloor heating utilises radiant heat which warms the surface of objects as it encounters them. The feeling is similar to that of being warmed by the sun.

2. Savings on Utility Bills. Underfloor heating requires a lower water temperature to operate than radiators. The difference is quite marked, with ufh operating at 45ºC whilst radiators require the much higher 70ºC. This means a lighter energy use, and lower bills.

3. Freedom from Radiators. Most people grow up with radiators in every room, so they hardly notice them. Take them away, however, and you realise how they’ve dominated your design decisions. Underfloor heating is designed for open-plan spaces.

4. Healthier Environment. Convection heating is known to pull dust into the domestic environment. It also ‘fries’ the air as it heats it, drying out the naturally occurring moisture. Radiant heat, by contrast, maintains a cleaner, healthier air in your home.

5. Kick off Your Shoes. For the British, walking around your home with bare feet is something that only happens in the summer. Being able to kick off your shoes mid-winter feels almost wickedly luxurious, especially in the bathroom!

RB Liquid Screed Makes Wet UFH Available to Every Household

Until now the major portion of the underfloor heating market has been concentrated in new builds and refurbished properties. The reason for this is that wet underfloor heating can be easily designed into a new construction, but it’s rather more intrusive if installed in an existing house. The excavations required for ufh installation are extensive, and can alter the floor height which has a knock-on for doors and skirting boards.

Our underfloor heating team are delighted, therefore, to be able to offer an innovative installation system that can be installed fast and non-intrusively.

Installing Low Profile Underfloor Heating in an Existing House

Low profile heating systems are lightweight floor panels with water pipes built in. They can be laid directly onto, or under, existing flooring. and the installation normally takes no longer than 24 hours. The added height is between 15-68mm, and the system is ready to use immediately. There’s no major excavation, and no waiting for the flooring to dry.

Professional Underfloor Heating That Works for Your Home

RB Liquid Screed  is one of the UK’s leading underfloor heating installers, and our team can advise you on the best system for your home. We’ll assess how low profile heating will map onto your existing system, and give you an accurate assessment of the operating water temperature required. We’re known for being pioneers when it comes to ufh technology so we’re delighted to be able to introduce this fantastic new technology to our customers.

If you want wet underfloor heating installed in your existing home, call RB Liquid Screed on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 to talk about your best installation option