How to Renovate a Farmhouse


Why Should I Renovate a Farmhouse?

Renovating a farmhouse is a difficult and massive task, and with numerous interior design choices available, it can be tricky to choose a particular look across the whole building.

Most people work hard to achieve the perfect balance between a nostalgic and modern style in their renovated farmhouse, and in order to achieve this blended look, you will need to consider each room as an individual space. For instance, you can make use of architectural designs for the stairs or dining area while on the other hand make use of a modern design for the windows, and modern furniture. Below we have comprised a guide for renovating a farmhouse to a perfect a traditional but modern look.


The kitchen is the heart of the home; a space to prepare family meals, socialise, and sometimes and area doubled up as a dining room for families to spend time together eating meals.

One of the most desirable and classic qualities of a farmhouse is a large kitchen, which is an ideal place for you to cook, socialise and entertain guests. In such a valuable space, a large wooden dining table will be the perfect option to keep with tradition whilst adding something valuable to the farmhouse.

A vintage look for furnishings in a farmhouse is another popular choice. In order to create this look, go for wooden cabinets, and traditional furnishings.

It is also important to make use of the right screed for your kitchen flooring, to create the finish you desire. Underfloor heating is always a good option for a farmhouse kitchen which could otherwise be cold and difficult to insulate.


In a farmhouse, the staircase is a brilliant opportunity to embellish your home with a modern feature. Instead of going for the usual uninteresting wooden staircase, opt for a feature which will really stand out by considering different designs such as spirals, and different materials.

Sliding doors:

Instead of choosing usual simple wooden doors for your farmhouse, it is a good idea to open up the space to the outdoors and bring some light in with sliding doors instead.

As well as the major benefit of brightening up your home, sliding doors also instil a more modern look to the home, in contrast with your traditional farmhouse features.

Accent and Furniture:

Your farmhouse is a place to spend your leisure time with your family, friends and loved ones, and for this reason you want it to be a place for you to relax and unwind, enjoying your space as much as possible. Comfy seats, vibrant colours , pieces of artwork and ornamental pieces can make a house look like a home. To make your rooms appear classy but comfortable, add some long, translucent curtains to glassy windows gives natural sunlight a reason to flow in. They will complement the classy, traditional look of your renovated farmhouse whilst adding an elegant feel to the room.

You can also opt for a wonderful combination of leather sofa-sets with funky cushions to go with them. There are different patterns, sizes, colours and shapes of cushions available in the market.