Heaters or Dehumidifiers – which is best for you?

Do I need a Heater or Dehumidifier?

Ensuring the most comfortable indoor environment can be a difficult task at the best of times, and deciding on the best method of sustaining a good temperature and humidity can be confusing. The method you choose depends on the environment as well as the type of flooring which is installed.

Drying is a simple procedure of eliminating the humidity from an area; there are a variety of methods which can be used to carry out this task. The only hurdle in this task is to decide on the optimum option for you.


Dehumidifiers are used to take out dampness from the air and replace it with dried air; a process which is repeated and reduces the humidity in the environment. Most dehumidifiers gather the water within them and you will be required to empty them on a frequent basis. The frequency of them being emptied is completely based on the quantity of moisture in the room and the capacity of the dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are not considered to be the most effective drying method, and are specifically not suitable for large areas or for an area which cannot be sealed. The main reason for this is because an area that is not sealed will have a constant flow of natural air which includes moisture in it, and this flow will hold-up the drying process.

However, if you have a sealed or isolated room, a dehumidifier will be an appropriate option as it will accelerate the process of drying. If you work or live in a room with minimum ventilation, then a dehumidifier is a favourable choice because it will restrict the room from becoming damp. It is essential to eliminate the moisture from the air if you wish to diminish the risk of mould because it may harm the structure and could be harmful to your health.



Warm air holds more moisture compared to cold air, therefore using heat will enhance the process of drying. It is vital to remove the moist air from the wet area because it will condensate once the air cools. This process will deliver you with effective results when you make use of heaters. Heating is often considered to be a successful option, but there are chances of some raw materials being sensitive to the heat. Such a situation may result in the deformation of a material, cause a crack or could break off easily. Therefore, it is important to always remember that heating is not always the best option for your environment.


Fans help to accelerate the process of drying as they enable constant circulation of air.  Air consists of moisture but when it cools down, the moisture will evaporate from the wet area and will help to dry the area. Fans can be used alongside heaters and dehumidifiers or by themselves. Fans are apt for an area with a warm environment.Fans

Using Arxell:

Arxell can be attached to heaters, fans and dehumidifiers; it completely depends on which method is more suitable for your drying area.  Arxell mainly generates a micro-climate around or over the wet surface and boosts the efficiency of the drying equipment.