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Flow Screed Surrey

RB Liquid Screed has invested a good deal time in sourcing the very best quality flow screed. For that reason, we work with some of the top UK cement manufacturers such as CEMEX, and Tarmac. We are delighted to be getting excellent feedback from a number of contractors and developers across Surrey. Many of them are working with liquid screed for the first time, and have nothing but praise for the advanced technology it provides.

Flow screed is a 21st century solution which offers high quality flooring finishes. Its enhanced thermal conductivity also makes it the perfect material for underfloor heating installations. Flow screed is pre-mixed, which increases efficiency as it can be poured onsite using only a small team of specialists. It also enhances quality; blemishes are obliterated in the course of the pour and the mix is naturally self-levelling.

Flow Screed Replaces Traditional Screed

Traditional screed was used for flooring finishes until recently, but flow screed is proving to be a ‘game changer’. Dry screed has to be mixed by hand, based on a base ratio of 4:1 sand to cement with care taken to adjust according to environmental variables. The screed is then manually laid which limits the upper limit achievable to around 120 metres per day. Drying times are upward of 5 days.

Liquid screed has undergone rigorous testing to achieve a standardised mix which provides a perfect finish every time. It can be poured onsite, by a small team, in hours rather than days. Flow screed is dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24/48 hours. Our clients in Surrey tell us that flow screed is a rapid, cost-efficient solution.

CPCS Approved Installers

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Underfloor Heating Using Flow Screed in Surrey

A number of contractors and developers working in Surrey have been talking to us about the benefits of using liquid screed as part of a wet underfloor heating installation. This form of heating is currently very popular, especially in new builds. Our Surrey clients are delighted at the way in which:

  • Flow screed coats the pipes, eradicating air voids. This allows for the rapid, even transfer of heat into the space above.
  • Flow screed is an excellent thermal conductor which rapidly spreads heat from the water pipes across the flooring surface. This results in the room warming more quickly, allowing for the use of lower temperature of water passing through the pipes.
  • Flow screed is eco-friendly, which is what you would expect from a 21st century flooring solution. It uses recycled materials in its design, and its rapid heat response saves energy.

RB Liquid Screed Cares About Customers

RB Liquid Screed has built its reputation on the fact that it places its customers at the heart of everything we do. From start to finish, contractors, house builders, developers and refurbishers are able to contact talk our resident screed specialists directly. Our experts are very hands on; they can prepare free no obligation quotes, offer advice, or support to whatever degree you require.

Additionally our clients in Surrey have commented on the quality of service provided by our project managers. Dedicated PMs are assigned on each project, and they bear responsibility for the successful completion to deadline and on budget. They also provide clients with regular updates on the progress of the work.

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