Flow Screed Norfolk

Flow Screed Norfolk Proves Popular With Contractors and Developers

RB Liquid Screed takes pride in offering high quality flow screed products and services in Norfolk, so we’re delighted to be receiving excellent feedback from developers and contractors across the region. We’re currently involved in a range of Norfolk projects, large and small, installing flow screed for flooring finishes and underfloor heating across the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

What Contractors and Developers are Saying About Flow Screed Norfolk

Speed of Installation – Our clients in the building construction industry are impressed at the consistently high quality of the product, and the cost-efficiency of its installation. Using just a small team of specialist installers it’s possible to pour the screed directly, and complete an installation in hours, rather than days. Once laid, liquid screed dries quickly and, in most cases, can take light ambulatory traffic after 24-48 hours.

Consistently Excellent Finish – Developers have noted the excellence of the flooring finish in their feedback. Flow screed is an advanced flooring technology which has been designed to guarantee a great finish on every application. It’s a self-levelling material that obliterates blemishes in the process of the pour and curling or cracking is highly unlikely, so long as the environment is properly prepared.

Multiplicity of Uses – Our flow screed services aren’t just about creating a perfect flooring foundation. Liquid screed is now in high demand as part of underfloor heating installations; its liquid consistency ensures void-free pour, and the enhanced thermal conductivity of the screed means that interiors heat more quickly, at lower temperatures, which makes excellent economic sense.

CPCS Approved Installers

Need a quote from a CPCS approved installer? Get in touch with our floor screed experts on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 or a free quick-quote!

We Put Customers at the Heart of our Flow Screed Services in Norfolk

We know that we’ve got a ‘game-changer’ product, but we take care not to get complacent. Our reputation is based as much on the quality of our customer and professional services, as it is on the liquid screed products. Our clients in Norfolk tell us they particularly appreciate:

  • Access to Expertise – all enquiries are handled by our specialist installers, which means clients get direct access to advice, support and guidance from experts in the field.
  • Free No Obligation Quote – all quotations are compiled by our specialist installers, ensuring accurate costings and a ‘no surprises’ guarantee.
  • Bespoke Installations as Standard – we know from experience that no two installations are the same, which is why we take care to understand your requirements and tailor the installation to your needs.
  • We’re Specialists – we know our business and we focus on our expertise. That means we can guarantee that every one of our services are second-to-none.
  • Local Specialist Teams – we are careful to recruit local teams of liquid screed installation experts from across the county to ensure prompt and efficient services for your project.

Flow Screed Norfolk for Eco-Friendly Results

At RB Liquid Screed we know that all our clients, whether they’re contractors, developers, refurbishers or house builders expect their products to come with green credentials as default. Flow screed was developed with this in mind. The design incorporates recycled materials, and its enhanced thermal conductivity lowers energy usages and reduces your carbon footprint.

We have local flow screed specialist teams available to start work immediately. Contact us on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 to find out how we could support your flow screed installation in Norfolk.

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