Flow Screed London

Flow Screed London

No matter the season, the decade, or the weather, London continues to expand upwards and outwards. Construction companies are always pushing at the next deadline, and profits are always being squeezed. Which is why innovation has an important part to play in the sector:

“If we want to change traditional characteristics that inhibit performance and leave the end customer disillusioned with what they have received, we need to use innovation as an accelerator of change, to make a difference to the end result we deliver.”

Innovative Flow Screed

The evolution of flow screed over the past two decades is an excellent example of this innovative drive. Throughout the 20th century dry screed, also known as traditional screed, was the dominant floor finish used by the construction industry. This technology required a manual mix on site, and a team of screeders for installation.

Flow screed transformed the installation process by introducing an innovative product the radically reduced the manual requirement. Liquid screed arrives ready mixed, and can be poured on site using a mall team of screed specialists. The installation period is around 10 times faster than dry screed, and the results are uniformly excellent.

The Benefits of Using Flow Screed in London

When the deadline’s tight, every process and component needs to play its part in achieving it. Flow screed comprises a sand and binder system based on calcium sulphate. It’s designed to create a beautifully smooth, level surface in hours rather than days. It also dries quickly. Whereas dry screed can take up to a week to dry, liquid screed can take light foot traffic after just 24 hours.

As a London supplier and contractor RB Liquid Screed is currently working with a range of clients including developers, commercial contractors and renovators. They tell us that, having tried out liquid screed there’s no way they’d return to the manual method.

The benefits they cite include:

  • Minimal prep time, arrives ready mixed
  • Small crew for installation
  • Average flow screed pour takes just 40 minutes
  • Dries quickly, can be walked on after 24 hours
  • Perfect outcome every time – smooth, level, no cracks or shrinkage
  • Flow screed floors can be force dried after a week

Flow Screed for Underfloor Heating

The rapidity of flow screed’s adoption in the UK is as a result of its efficiency in wet underfloor heating installation. The smooth, liquid consistency means that the mixture can effectively envelop pipes, minimising the potential for air voids. Flow screed is designed for enhanced thermal efficiency, which ensures that heat spreads quickly from the water pipes to every corner of the room.

Looking for Floor Screeders in London?

RB Liquid Screed is a leading supplier and contractor to London construction. We source our flow screed from top UK sources, and our screed specialists are locally recruited to provide a rapid response when required. Contractors tell us that they particularly appreciate the level of access we provide to our screed specialists. They provide a FREE no obligation quote on every job, and are available to provide guidance throughout the process.

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