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Flow Screed Lincolnshire Popular With Building Developers

Lincolnshire’s a popular place to live right now! Many retirees are attracted to the county because of the beautiful rural location, and its adherence to a slower pace of life. It’s not only older people, though; Lincolnshire has become something of a magnet for professional people who are looking to buy properties at reasonable prices, and take advantage of the excellent benefits the county offers for young families.

In order to manage the growing demand for houses, Lincolnshire district councils have recently published a plan to build nearly 37,000 new homes by 2036. Whilst the majority of these will be located in the broader Lincoln area, a good proportion will be spread across market towns and villages. It is thought that this ambitious building development plan will create just under 12,000 new jobs for the region.

RB Liquid Screed for First Class Flooring

Work is already starting on 40 new properties in Nettleham, and RB Liquid Screed is seeing an immediate growth in demand for flow screed from developers in the region. As a leading Lincolnshire liquid screed contractor, we’re delighted at the response we’ve been receiving for our product. The feedback repeatedly comments on its ease of application, speed of installation, and excellent flooring finish.

Why Choose Flow Screed Lincolnshire?

With a tough target to meet over the next 20 years, Lincolnshire’s contractors and developers are looking for innovative products that can help them meet their deadlines, and provide cost-effective flooring solutions for their clients. Liquid screed is very much a ‘game changer’ product. It can be poured on site, in hours, using only a small team of screed specialists, and is dry enough to be walked on after only 24/48 hours.

Flow Screed Guarantees a Perfect Flooring Finish

Until recently, manually mixed dry screed installation was relatively slow, averaging only 125m2 per day. By contrast, liquid screed arrives ready mixed and the pour averages 1,500m2 per day, making it extremely cost-efficient. It’s self-levelling, and provides a blemish-free finish every time. Liquid screed is a highly durable flooring with an extremely low risk of cracking or shrinkage.

Liquid Screed is a Perfect Partner for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular, and many new build houses are integrating it into their design. Flow screed has been designed to provide the optimum flooring finish for wet underfloor heating installations. Because of its consistency, liquid screed hugs the water pipes, minimising the opportunity for air voids. It’s also a highly effective thermal conductor, meaning that lower water temperatures achieve excellent results.

Benefits for Lincolnshire Developers

Our clients across Lincolnshire have been impressed at the speed with which liquid screed can be poured, and the rapidity of the drying process. Many report being able to force dry flow screed after just 7 days. They tell us that clients appreciate the energy savings provided by liquid screed when used as part of an underfloor heating installation. Most important, they say they’re able to achieve excellent results consistently.

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