Flow Screed Hampshire

Flow Screed Hampshire

Our Hampshire Liquid Screed team are delighted to be able to be introducing an innovative product to clients across the county, which takes flooring finish to a new level of guaranteed excellence. Liquid screed is easy to pour, quick to dry, providing a blemish-free, even surface as a perfect foundation to your flooring. Floor screed also offers excellent thermal conductivity making it the ideal solution for underfloor heating.

Flow Screed Services in Hampshire

Our local Hampshire teams of installation experts are currently operating across the county, providing a range of services to house-builders in the domestic sector, commercial contractors, and developers. Whatever the size and scope of the job, our clients are giving us great feedback on liquid screed; they emphasise the speed and ease of installation, as well as the rapid dry and the great finish it achieves.

CPCS Approved Installers

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Efficient Liquid Screed Services in Hampshire

Prior to the development of liquid screed, the traditional method of laying a foundation for flooring involved hand-mixing traditional screed to a 4:1 ratio of sand and cement. A highly skilled installer could be relied upon to get exactly the right mix, but the fall-out from a mix that’s too dry or too wet could cause a range of problems including shrinkage, cracking and damp. Liquid screed is a superior solution because it is pre-mixed and sourced from trusted Hampshire suppliers.

Our Hampshire customers can expect:

  • An excellent floor finish every time.
  • An installation that is completed in hours.
  • Dry times from 48 hours (for light traffic).
  • An innovative screed technology standardised for excellence.

Flow screed is known for its green credentials. Recycled materials are part of the design, and its thermal conductivity qualities when used for underfloor heating reduces energy usage on a daily basis.

Customer-Led Liquid Screed Services in Hampshire

RB Liquid Screed knows that great products are only half the story; they have to be matched by a second-to-none customer service. Over the years we’ve listened carefully to what our Hampshire clients have told us about our goods and services, and we’ve acted on their advice. We’re proud of the relationship we develop with our customers from the first phone call, through to successful completion and handover.

Every new customer is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will steer their project to delivery on deadline and to budget, with regular updates along the way. Access to our expert installation teams for advice, guidance and tips is easy and ongoing. We collaborate on scheduling and environmental prep because we know that everyone has busy lives. Most important, we encourage our customers to feed back throughout the process, and we don’t consider an installation to be complete until the customer has agreed it is.

Our local expert installation teams are currently available across the Hampshire region; they can offer guidance on a current flooring project, or offer a detailed no obligation quote for a job you’re waiting to start. Why not find out what we can do for you, today?

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