Floor Screeding Norfolk

Increased Demand for Floor Screeding Norfolk

Earlier this year Norwich-based planners announced that preparations were being made for the delivery of their proposal for a 10,000 dwelling garden town between the villages of Billingford, Bintree and North Elmham. This is in response to the government’s call for an increase in garden towns as part of their new garden communities programme.

Regional bidders, who have the support of their local authorities, will be invited to apply for a place on the government’s programme. If successful, they’ll receive support in the form of advice, grant funding and environmental assessments. Whilst the Norfolk proposal is still in its earliest stages, this new development for the region would bring in new jobs and provide much needed new housing.

RB Liquid Screed Are Major Suppliers in Norfolk

We’ll be watching this development with interest as our liquid screed products and services are already in high demand across Norfolk. Our clients in the region tell us that the cost-effectiveness of screed flooring makes it a default choice for new builds, or for refurbishment products. Contractors using flow screed for the first time tell us it’s their flooring of choice going forward.

Why is Floor Screeding Norfolk the Contractors’ Choice?

RB Liquid Screed is proud to be offering this ‘game changer’ product to our clients across the county, but of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Contractors consistently tell us that liquid screed is the product they would choose because:

  • It can be poured onsite in hours
  • It requires only a small specialist team for installation
  • It give a perfect finish, and is self-levelling
  • It’s dry enough for light foot traffic after 24/48 hours
  • It can be force dried after just 7 days

Unlike the 4:1 sand to cement traditional screed, flooring screed is calcium-sulphate based. This makes it extremely durable, and minimises the risk of cracking, curling or shrinking.

Uses of Floor Screeding Norfolk

Our contracting clients across Norfolk use floor screeding for:

Sub-Floor – liquid screed is ideal for this purpose. Using just a small team of screed experts the pour can achieve coverage of 2000 metres per day, which compares extremely favourably with traditional screed which would normally achieve only 120 metres per day.

Underfloor Heating – flow screed’s enhanced thermal conductivity makes it a perfect choice for wet underfloor heating installation. It facilitates rapid transference, providing even, radiant heat at lower water temperatures. Liquid screed is an eco-friendly solution with multiple benefits for bill payers.

Polished Screed Floors – the durable, water-resistant qualities of liquid screed products make it a perfect choice for high-quality polished flooring. This easy-to-maintain option is fast becoming the flooring choice for public spaces with a heavy footfall.

RB Liquid Screed Are a Trusted Supplier in Norfolk

We’re delighted to have an excellent professional relationship with our Norfolk clients, and they tell us that they value the support we offer them, including:

  • Top quality products sourced in the UK
  • Instant access to screed experts
  • Project management on every job
  • Free no obligation quotes

We recruit our screed experts locally to ensure we can provide a rapid response to clients across the region. They provide a second-to-none service both on and off site, offering advice and guidance at every stage of the installation.

If you require floor screeding Norfolk, call our screed specialists today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 for a free no obligation quote and advice on your installation.

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