Floor Screeding London

Floor Screeding in London Provides ‘Game Changer’ Solution

Innovation occurs where change becomes a necessity, and that’s exactly how liquid screed came into being. The traditional floor screeding process is lengthy and labour intensive, leading to costly delays in the deadline-driven construction schedule experienced daily in London. Innovative liquid screed was developed in response to frustrations around the traditional method of laying a sub floor.

Floor screeding removes the manual elements from the process of installation. It can be poured onsite, using just a small team of screed specialists, in hours rather than days. The liquid consistency makes it a self-levelling mix, obliterating flaws in the process of the pour. Once laid, floor screed dries quickly and can be walked on after just 24 hours.

What Do London Contractors Say About Liquid Screed?

Our construction clients working across London have told us that the speed and efficiency of the installation is a big leap forward for them. They’re impressed by the flawless finish that is guaranteed on every pour, and they recognise the strength and durability of the sub floor. Contractors are delighted by the the fact that curling, cracking and shrinkage is virtually eliminated with this new product, and everyone who has used it attests to its innovative qualities.

Floor Screeding in London for Underfloor Heating

Liquid screed is very much a 21st century material and, as such, its green credentials are second-to-none. The enhanced thermal conductivity of the mix makes it perfect for wet underfloor heating installation. First, the liquid consistency means that the screed ‘hugs’ the pipes in the process of the pour, eliminating air voids. Secondly, the rapid heat response ensures fast, even radiant heat from water pipes heated at a lower temperature than required for radiators.

RB Liquid Screed Provides High Quality Product and Services

We take pride in being trusted liquid screed contractors to the construction industry. All our liquid screed products are sourced in the UK from top providers. Our liquid screed specialists are recruited regionally in order to maintain the potential for rapid response across the UK. We currently have a number of local expert teams available in London, and ready to start work on projects immediately.

First Class Products & Services From RB Liquid Screed

The London construction industry is currently facing the  tough challenge of providing homes and infrastructure for future generations. We see ourselves as part of this drive, by providing first-class materials and expertise to improve productivity and standards when it comes to quality sub flooring.

If you are interested in finding out more about the advantages of using liquid screed as part of your flooring or underfloor heating installations, call us today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984.

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