Floor Screeding Kent

Rise in Demand for Floor Screeding Kent

There was bad news for Kent housing targets at the beginning of 2018, as 5 of the 13 local authorities that make up the county reported a drop in the number of new homes coming on the market. This was offset by better news in July when proposals for 7 ‘garden cities’ across the county were announced, which would provide 50,000 new builds by 2020.

The ‘garden city and village’ initiative is supported by government as a way to develop the housing communities need, and bring new jobs and facilities into the area. Kent’s proposals are still at the application stage, but if they are accepted Gravesend, Folkstone, Dover, Ashfield, Canterbury, Chattenden and Sevenoaks could see the beginning of major new developments in the near future.

Floor Screeding Kent Aids Local Contractors

We currently supply flooring screed and services to a number of Kent contractors and developers. They tell us that time is their most precious asset. They’re adamant that they won’t cut corners, or compromise on quality, but they need innovative, sustainable products that will lower budgets and increase time-efficiency. Many of them have told us that liquid screed is just such a ‘game changer’ product.

Floor Screeding Kent Cuts Installation Time

RB Liquid Screed prides itself on providing UK sourced, high quality liquid screed to the construction industry. Whereas traditional, or ‘dry’ screed would take a team of installers days to lay a sub-floor, liquid screed arrives ready mixed and can be poured in hours, on site using a small team of screed specialists. On average it can be poured at a rate of of 2,000 square metres in a day.

What is Liquid Screed?

Whilst traditional screed uses sand and cement, liquid screed (also known as anhydrate screed) uses calcium sulphate as its binding agent. The addition of water to the mix starts a chemical reaction which creates gypsum. This crystallisation continues for around a week, and the final result is an extremely durable floor which won’t crack, shrink or curl.

What Kent Contractors Say About Floor Screeding

We’re delighted to hear from contractors using liquid screed for the first time, that they now consider it their default product. They like the reduction in the installation period, and appreciate the fact that after just 24 hours floor screeding is dry enough to walk on. There’s a real consensus on quality; we hear that liquid screed provides a guaranteed high quality finish without blemishes.

Using Liquid screed for Wet Underfloor Heating Installations

More and more new houses in Kent are being built with wet underfloor heating installed. Liquid screed is the perfect material for this process. First, the liquid consistency ensures that the water pipes are hugged tightly during installation, which obliterates the potential for air voids. Second, liquid screed has been designed for enhanced thermal conductivity which is crucial to the even flow of radiant heat.

RB Liquid Screed Provide Floor Screeding Expertise

Our small teams of screed specialists are locally recruited from across the county to ensure that we’ll be able to provide a rapid response for our Kent clients when they need them. Additionally, our experts are available to give advice and guidance on liquid screed installations from pre-pour preparation to handover. Contractors have told us how useful this service has proved, and that’s the kind of feedback we love to get.

If you require floor screeding Kent, call us today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984 to talk through your requirements with our liquid screed experts.

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