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As an advanced flooring technology, liquid screed is now well on its way to setting the industry benchmark for screed efficiency and finish. Our clients work across the domestic, retail, industrial and commercial sectors, and they consistently tell us that liquid screed is the front runner when it comes to:

Installation Speed – liquid screed can be pumped directly on site, using just a small team of screed specialists.
Drying Times – liquid screed is dry enough to be walked on after only 24/48 hours depending on the environment.
Perfect Finish – the self levelling screed mix naturally eradicates blemishes during the pour for a perfect flooring foundation every time.
Underfloor Heating – the liquid consistency allows the flow screed to fully envelop water pipes ensuring that all air voids are eradicated during the pour.

Why is Liquid Screed Perfect for Flooring Projects?

The majority of our clients contact us because they need an excellent flooring finish that can be installed fast. We know that the majority of developers and contractors are time-poor, so efficiency is a valuable commodity. We’re delighted to be able to provide clients with a flooring solution that can be poured in one tenth of the time it takes to lay traditional screed, and dries within 1-2 days.

A major concern with flooring projects is cracking or curling which can require costly remedial repairs down the line. These problems normally occur with cement screeds and have been largely eradicated with liquid screed. The pre-prepared mix has undergone extensive design and testing in order to arrive at a level of excellence which can be guaranteed again and again.

Self levelling screed is tough, durable and can be laid using thinner layers than cement screed.

Why is Liquid Screed Ideal for Underfloor Heating?

When installing water underfloor heating systems, the floor screed has two purposes:

  • To envelop the pipes and ensure the eradication of air vents.
  • To provide excellent thermal conductivity.

If air voids are not eradicated when installing underfloor heating, the flow of heat is liable to interruption which can lead to patchy heat distribution. For maximum thermal conductivity all air voids need to be eradicated.

Liquid screed has been designed for thermal conductivity. This means that it is able to transfer heat from the underfloor water pipes across the floor area efficiently and effectively. The rapid transfer of heat leads to greater fuel efficiency as lower water temperatures are required. Liquid screed helps to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing heating fuel usage.

RB Liquid Screedis Customer Driven

Our customers tell us that liquid screed works for them in terms of speed, durability, finish and heat response times. This delights the RB Liquid Screed team as we pride ourselves on being a floor screeding company that places our customers at the heart of all we offer. That means maximising value, whatever the size of the project. With liquid screed we know we can guarantee excellence.

RB Liquid Screed works with the very best screed technology, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for screed specialists to manage your installation. We’re proud of having leading UK experts on our regional teams and we make sure that all our clients have easy access to that expertise, from the request for a no obligation quote, right through to handover.

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