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As of the beginning of 2019, the construction sector had plenty to celebrate in Nottingham. Across the county there are plans to build 1,000s of new homes. And in the city itself, the largest development for decades is being anticipated. The local council is working hard to ensure that its target of 65,000 homes of the next few years is certain to be met.

The new Nottingham city development would utilise a neglected area of land across the river from Lady Bay and West Bridgeford. 100s of new homes are being planned, but there’ll also be an emphasis on public usage of the area. So restaurants, cafes and arts spaces, and riverside walks for local use will feature.

Innovative Liquid Screed Technology for Nottingham Contractors

Our Nottingham contractor clients tell us that they’re always looking for ways to increase productivity on site, and speed up the construction process. Many of them are now adopting liquid screed technology in order to expedite sub flooring installation. To date, we’re getting really positive feedback, telling us they definitely favour the long term adoption of flooring screed.

How Does Liquid Screed Expedite Sub Flooring Installation?

Until quite recently, dry screed was the default product for laying a sub floor. This is very much a manual technology that is heavily dependent on the skills of the installer for success. Dry screed has to be mixed carefully to achieve success. Too dry and there’s a danger that the floor will crack, or curl. Too wet and there can be problems with the drying out process which can lead to damp down the line.

Liquid screed is an innovative 21st century technology which removes the manual element of the installation. The flow screed arrives ready mixed and can be poured on site. It’s a self levelling mix and the risk of shrinkage or cracking is virtually nil.

The Benefits of Using Liquid Screed

  • Small installation team. A small team of screed specialists is all that’s needed to facilitate the installation
  • Speedy installation times. 2000m² per day can be easily achieved for an average 500-1000m² per day
  • Rapid drying. Once poured, the floor will normally be dry enough for light floor traffic after just 24/48 hours. After 7 days the sub floor can be force dried
  • Great finish. Our clients tell us that they’re delighted with the consistently excellent finish that they’re able to achieve when using liquid screed.

Liquid Screed is Perfect for Underfloor Heating Installations

Flow screed is designed to provide enhanced thermal conductivity when used as part of an underfloor heating installation. Its liquid consistency minimises the potential for air voids, and maximises the rapid transference of heat to all corners of the room. Once installed, the floor can be force dried after just seven days.

RB Liquid Screed Provides Top Quality Products and Services

RB Liquid Screed Direct prides itself on the quality of the products and services we supply to our Nottingham contractors. Our liquid screed is UK sourced, and the screed specialist facilitation teams are recruited locally. Our experts are available to all our clients for free no obligation quotes, advice and guidance on using liquid screed, and managing the installation process.

Liquid Screed is a leading floor screeding contractors in Nottingham. Our screed specialist teams are available immediately, so call us on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984

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