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First Choice Floor Screeding Contractors Essex

A recent report on the requirement for new housing in North Essex over the next fifteen years found that over 2,000 new builds per year were needed in order to meet local demand. This supports what we’re hearing from contractors across the county, who tell us that new builds, and affordable housing must be a priority, especially for young people, wanting to get a foot on the property ladder.

Local authorities are all working within tight budgets and trying to keep the costs down for new build developments is all about finding products that can offer significant savings on time and productivity. RB Liquid Screed is proud to be offering an innovative flooring solution that is both time and cost-effective, whilst providing consistently high quality results.

Liquid Screed for Fast, High Quality Flooring

Liquid screed has been described as a ‘game changer’ product by a number of our Essex clients, and here’s why. It arrives pre-mixed and can be poured onsite by a small team of liquid screed specialists. The liquid consistency makes it a self-levelling product, providing a flawless finish. After just 24/48 hours it’s dry enough to walk on and force drying can commence after just 7 days.

Liquid Screed Out-Performs Traditional Screed

Whilst traditional screed requires a manual 4:1 mix of sand and cement, flow screed replaces the cement with calcium sulphate, and arrives on site ready mixed. The new ingredient creates gypsum once water is added, leading to the creation of high quality, durable sub-flooring:

  • Liquid screed can be poured onsite at a rate of 2,000 square metres in a day, which is much faster than traditional screed.
  • Traditional screed can curl, crack or cause damp if the mix is incorrect. Flow screeds are pre-mixed to an industry standard and do not curl, crack or warp.
  • The floor is normally dry enough for light foot traffic after 24/48 hours.
  • Liquid screed is know as ‘green flooring’ due to its high eco-friendly credentials.

Liquid Screed for Underfloor Heating Installations

Underfloor heating is being widely adopted in new builds because of its growing popularity. Families are looking for a heat source that provides even coverage, maintains moisture in the air, and cuts costs by working on lower water temperatures. Liquid screed has quickly become the flooring material of choice when it comes to wet underfloor heating installations.

The multiple benefits of underfloor heating are dependent upon a floor screed that provides enhanced thermal conductivity. Liquid screed delivers on 3 key requirements that underpin effective home heating:

  1. The liquid consistency hugs water pipes, eliminating air voids that could create uneven heating.
  2. Liquid screed is an enhanced thermal conductor of heat ensuring that the warmth from the pipes travels fast across the flooring.
  3. Rapid heat response means that water temperatures can be set lower than when running radiators off the boiler.

Floor Screeding Contractors Essex Provides On-Site Expertise

Our small teams of Essex-based screed specialists are recruited locally to provide a rapid response on projects for clients across the region. We’re proud of the onsite expertise they are able to offer, pre-pour, during installation, and post-pour, so we offer clients easy access to their knowledge throughout the process. They regularly give advice on a range of issues, including preparing the pour environment, and force drying in preparation for finishing.

If you’re a contractor, developer or refurbisher working on projects in Essex, call us today to find out about the support floor screeding contractors Essex can offer.

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