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Floor Screeding Contractors in Bedford

Controversial new plans for housing developments in Bedford mean that the rapid expansion of the town is likely to continue through to 2032. The Local Plan 2032 consultation argues for the provision of 19,000 new homes in Bedford Borough. 40% of the total amount are being earmarked for ‘inward migration’ from London over the next 12 years. Massive construction projects are already underway in the Wixams new town development, Kempston, Wootton and Bedford.

Despite protests from the Campaign to Protect Rural England, it looks as though contractors and developers will be working flat out in Bedford over the next decade. Massive local housing plans bring in their wake tight deadlines, and demands for new technologies that can increase efficiency, boost productivity, and maintain profit margins.

High Demand for Floor Screeding Contractors in Bedford

The creation of a high quality sub floor in new properties was, until fairly recently, a time-consuming process. The manual mixing, and laying, of traditional screed used a large team of screeders who could achieve an upper limit of 120 m² per day. Add to that 5 days of waiting for the screed to dry and it’s clear that the process was unsustainable.

RB Liquid Screed is proud to have been one of the earliest advocates of liquid screed. This innovative technology removes the manual element of screed installation and provides a fast, quality guaranteed process in its place. Liquid screed has now been adopted by the vast majority of contractors, who name amongst its many advantages:

  • Screed is ready mixed. In place of the manual mixing process, liquid screed arrives ready mixed to industry standards.
  • Liquid screed can be poured. It needs only a small team of screed specialists to facilitate a liquid screed pour on site. Typical coverage is 2000 m² per day.
  • Fast drying. Once pumped into place, liquid screed dries quickly. In most cases it’s dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24 hours, and can be force dried after a week.
  • Excellent results each time. Liquid screed has been designed to provide high quality sub flooring every time; no cracking, no shrinkage, no curling.

RB Liquid Screed are Underfloor Heating Contractors for Bedford

Underfloor heating is a 21st century success story, with more and more first time home owners opting to install it. Liquid screed anticipates ongoing growth in the underfloor heating market by providing sub floors with enhanced thermal conductivity. The liquid consistency hugs water pipes ensuring the eradication of voids that can cause patchy heating, and the effective heat dispersal allows for the use of lower water temperatures, which saves consumers money on their utility bills.

RB Liquid Screed Delivers Excellent Customer Service

As floor screeding contractors for Bedford we take pride in the quality of our UK sourced products, but we also guarantee an exceptionally high level of customer service. Our screed specialists are recruited locally so they can respond rapidly to enquiries. They’re also available to clients throughout the process, to offer advice and guidance on preparation and aftercare. Every job is project managed, and we don’t sign off on our work until our client is satisfied.

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