Floor Screeding Cambridge

Floor Screeding Cambridge For Ambitious Housing Plans

A controversial plan to create a massive new housing development arcing between Oxford and Cambridge was revealed in late 2018. The plan from the National Infrastructure Commission is backed by the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling. He advocates a new expressway with the aim of shortening the journey times between the two locations. The NIC sees the potential of the region for the country as a whole, and seeks to create 1 million new homes to house incoming talent.

Cambridge is currently working hard to provide badly needed new homes across the city. Over the past 5 years Cambridge has built 316 new council houses, and 1,506 affordable new homes. Significant house building is taking place across the city. This includes large-scale developments on the Southern Fringe of the city (Trumpington Meadowss and Clay Farm) and the North West Quadrant.

An Innovative Flooring Technology for New Homes

In this phase of rapid urban development for Cambridge, contractors tell us they’re always on the look out for innovative technologies. Anything that can help with tight deadlines, and tighter budgets is given their immediate attention, and liquid screed does both. Our Cambridge clients tell us that having trialled this 21st century flooring solution, they’re unlikely to return to more traditional approaches.

The Benefits Delivered by Floor Screeding Cambridge

Until recently, floor screeding was a manual process, requiring a team of screeders to achieve 125m² installation per day. Liquid screed is designed to speed up the screeding process, and delivers the following key benefits:

  • Liquid screed is pre-mixed for consistent quality
  • Floor screeding can be poured on site
  • Flow screed facilitation requires only a small team of screed specialists
  • Installation = 1,000-1,500m² per day
  • Dry enough to walk on after 24 hours
  • Force drying can take place after 7 days
  • Self levelling mix, no curling, cracking or shrinking

Floor Screeding Cambridge for Underfloor Heating Installation

New build housing is now required to deliver improved sustainability, which makes underfloor heating an attractive option.  It’s an eco-friendly alternative to central heating, and is growing in popularity, particularly with younger homeowners. The dust-free, radiant heat is highly efficient, and requires lower water temperatures to produce rapid, evenly distributed heat. Liquid screed is designed for underfloor heating installations. It hugs the water pipes, minimising the potential for air voids. And its enhanced thermal conductivity ensures that heat spreads quickly to every corner of the room.

Cambridge Contractors Provide Positive Feedback

We’ve been receiving a decisive ‘thumbs up’ from Cambridge clients who are using liquid screed for the first time. They tell us that they get ten times the productivity, due to being able to pour onsite, and they like the rapid dry times. For our part, we ensure that we provide high quality, UK sourced liquid screed from recognised suppliers. And our locally recruited screed experts provide a rapid response facility, dependent on need across the region.

If you would like more information about liquid screed, call our floor screeding experts today on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984. They’ll provide professional advice and a free no obligation quote.

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