Floor Screeders London

Floor Screeders London

2020 Promises Growth in Demand for Floor Screeders in London

Back in the summer of 2019 the construction industry in London was experiencing its worst slowdown since 2008. The problem was blamed on a lack of certainty around Brexit. Six months later, the Glenigan Construction Industry forecast for 2020-21 sees cause for optimism following the election of a Conservative government that promises to ‘Get Brexit Done’.

The Glenigan forecast suggests that the minimal growth of just 1% in 2019 will rise to 2% in 2020 and 5% in 2021. There’s further good news for London as far a commercial construction projects are concerned. A number of major hotel chains are planning expansions which will boost the commercial sector growth over the next two years.

Liquid Screed Technology Improves Productivity

As leading floor screeders in London, we’re constantly reminded by contractors that productivity on site needs to increase in order to protect profit margins. As a result, liquid screed technology has been enthusiastically adopted on construction sites across the capital. To date, we hear nothing but positive feedback about the high quality of the product, and the enhanced speed of the installation process.

How Does Liquid Screed in London Expedite Installation?

Until fairly recently the construction industry relied upon a manual technology – dry screed – for the laying of sub floors. The screed had to be mixed manually, and the success of the installation was heavily reliant on the skills of the screeder. By contrast, liquid screed arrives ready mixed and can be poured on site by a small team of floor screeding specialists.

The Benefits of Using Liquid Screed

  • Minimal labour involved. Floor screeding in London requires just a small team to facilitate the pour on site.
  • Rapid Installation. It’s much faster to install liquid screed than dry screed. 2,000m² is easily achievable in a day.
  • Quick Drying. A liquid screed sub floor will normally be dry enough for light foot traffic after just 24 hours. It can be force dried after just 7 days.
  • Perfect Finish. Flow screed is a self levelling material offering minimal risk of cracking, shrinking or curling.

Liquid Screed is Designed for Underfloor Heating London

Underfloor heating has seen impressive growth in the heating sector over the past few years, and it looks likely to continue into the next decade. Liquid screed has been designed to be the perfect sub floor material for installing wet underfloor heating systems. The liquid consistency ‘hugs’ the pipes, minimising the potential for air voids, and it provides enhanced thermal conductivity, ensuring evenly distributed luxurious heating.

Floor Screeders in London for Excellent Products and Services

RB Liquid Screed takes pride in its high quality, UK sourced, products and the excellence of its customer services. All our screeding specialists are available throughout the installation process, to provide advice and guidance. And every job is professionally project managed to ensure that deadlines are always met, budgets are adhered to, and reporting occurs throughout the project.

RB Liquid Screed are leading floor screeders in London. Our screed specialist teams are available immediately, so call us on 01842 659498 / 07498 964984

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