Find Out Why Liquid Screed Is A Preferred Floor Leveling Compound

Benefits of Using Liquid Screed

RB Liquid Screed is one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of floor screed types and solutions in the UK. We have experience in handling small to large residential and commercial projects. When it comes to flooring, we have years of experience and expertise that makes us the  go-to company. Even though there are different types of floor leveling compounds, we use liquid screed.

If you have never used liquid screed as a floor leveling compound, take a look below at some of the compelling reasons why you should.

Our liquid screed offers a smooth and even surface for the laying of your final floor covering. If you choose to install the final floor on ordinary concrete, you might be compromising the final result.

This leveling compound is easier to lay because it is in liquid form. Moreover, we also have the proper machines that help to further cut down the floor construction time.

Our flowing screed dries really quickly and you might even be able to continue with your floor installation process within 24-hours of the application of the liquid screed.

Flowing screed is also becoming a very popular choice when you are looking at underfloor heating.

When compared to cement and sand screed, our range of liquid screed is a far better floor leveling compound in terms of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and promptness. By using our flowing screed, you can be sure of a final flooring free of any types of cuts or cracks. Furthermore, our professionals will also be able to handle the entire floor preparation process on your behalf.

If you wish to learn more about our leveling compound, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.