Expectations when visiting a Spa

Expectations when visiting a Spa

Never been to a spa before? Anxious about how your experience will be?  May be, this blog can help you get a realistic idea of a spa session.

The first step at a Spa:

All those who visit a spa for the very first time will be quizzed about their general well being. At times, some spas, give you a health questionnaire to fill our when you first arrive.

One of the staff members may ask you to slip off your shoes and socks and wear comfy flip-flops. This will give your feet a soothing feeling of the sturdy and glossy flooring. Most spas have lustrous floor as they make use of good quality screed and other raw materials.


Nowadays, spas serve occasional refreshments like fresh fruit juices, tea, coffee, etc, to their clients. After filling in all the relevant details about yourself, the staff will direct you to change in a robe and will offer you a short sweet tour of their spa. During this tour, they will provide you adequate information about their services and offers.

Presuming that this is your first visit you ought to reach early and they are likely to offer you to spend some time at the swimming pool, gym or steam room. This can help you feel relaxed.

If you are unsure about your appointment, make sure that you ask the staff member at what time you are supposed to be there and where to be precise. In this way, you will be prepared for your session.

During Spa Treatments:

Your spa journey probably begins with consultation and the therapist may ask you numerous questions about your skin. The therapist may inform you about the procedure and benefits of your session.

In case you are confused about anything do not hesitate to ask the therapist. If you feel comfortable talking to the therapist, do so as it will make your experience all the more enjoyable.

You preferably do not have to change your clothes while going for a manicure and pedicure but surely will have to if you opt for full body treatments.

After the Treatment:

Once your treatments are over, you can spend the day at the spa but it mainly depends on the package you have selected for yourself. You can detox in the sauna or have a calm swimming session to recharge yourself.

If you really enjoyed your visit at the spa you can pre-book your next session. You definitely have to enquire about it and check the availability of the staff and rooms. This will reduce the chances of being disappointed for not obtaining a date of your choice for the next session.

There are several spas which offer exorbitantly lavish treatments to their clients. They offer fruit dishes, refreshing cocktails and some offer juices with an alcoholic twist. All these facilities completely depend on the package you select.