Cost-Effective Underfloor Heating Essex

Underfloor Heating Essex

Essex contractors may be called upon to build up to 43,000 new homes over the next 50 years, if current proposals for three Garden Communities come to fruition. Four Essex Councils (known as the NEGC) are overseeing this project which would deliver new homes for local people, and boost the local economy by creating new jobs. The proposed locations are west of Braintree, and both west and east of Colchester.

We’re currently hearing from contractors across the country that new build developments are increasingly integrating underfloor heating into their design. Why? New builds tend to attract younger buyers who are environmentally aware, and are attracted to the advantages radiant heat can deliver. There’s also a growing demand for cost-effective heating which is making the underfloor heating one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK’s heating market.

Liquid Screed for Wet Underfloor Heating

An even radiant heat rising through the floor is dependent on an effective screed sub floor. Liquid screed is an innovative 21st century technology that has been designed to provide enhanced thermal conductivity. Its liquid consistency means that the screed ‘hugs’ the water pipes, and obliterates the possibility of air voids. And its rapid heat response creates effective heating for the home, using lower water temperatures.

Fast Drying Underfloor Heating Essex

Our Essex contractor clients tell us that time is their greatest commodity, so any solutions that speed up construction processes are likely to get their attention. Liquid screed arrives pre-mixed and can be pumped onsite in hours, using only a small team of screed specialists. Once installed, liquid screed dries quickly and can be walked on after just 24 hours. The sub floor can be force dried after 7 days.

RB Liquid Screed Underfloor Heating Installations

We take great pride in both the first class products we provide, and the expertise of our regional underfloor heating installers. All our screed products are sourced in the UK, from leading suppliers. We take great care to recruit our specialist teams locally to ensure that they’re available for rapid response should they be needed. We currently have teams available in Essex for immediate deployment.

Working With Liquid Screed Experts for Excellence and Speed

What we hear from developers and contractors across Essex is that they want access to screed experts throughout the installation. This allows them to understand the process, prepare the environment to ensure the best results, and schedule in the drying times required once the installation is in place. All our clients are given immediate, and ongoing access to our specialist screed teams.

Free No Obligation Quotes on Underfloor Heating Installation

Our Essex screed experts create our free no obligation quotes for underfloor heating. This ensures detail, accuracy and transparency. They’re available to talk through the quote with you, or answer questions relating to materials, or process. Once we start work, the installation is kept on track by a dedicated project manager who will maintain clear lines of communication, oversee quality checking, and bring the installation in to deadline and on budget.

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