Conservatory underfloor heating

Conservatory Underfloor Heating

A conservatory can seem like a luxury buy, but – once it’s in place – it’s difficult to imagine life without it. A conservatory provides extra space, yes, but it’s a very special kind of space. Poised midway between indoors and outdoors, the conservatory lets the sunshine in, offers a sheltered spot from which to enjoy the garden, and adds a stylish feature to your property.

The Winter Dilemma…

Conservatories are too good to use just during the summer months. The problem is, as temperatures drop, it’s an extremely difficult space to heat effectively. The high ceiling and sheer expanse of glass is a challenge for anyone wanting to create a cosy spot for autumn evenings. It’s estimated that conservatories lose heat 8 times more quickly that internal rooms, so householders need a viable solution that will enable winter use.

Underfloor Heating Creates Radiant Warmth

Radiators or electric heaters are inefficient ways to heat conservatories because they attempt to heat the air. This is a lengthy process which is counteracted by the potential loss of heat via the glass. Underfloor heating works differently.   The radiant heat rises through the floor and heats bodies and objects when it encounters them. This kind of heating works like the sun, and providing long-lasting luxurious heat whatever the outside weather.

Wet Underfloor Heating Installations

Wet underfloor heating requires the installation of a grid of water pipes beneath your conservatory floor. These run off the boiler, and are encased in a liquid screed sub floor. Liquid screed has been designed to create the maximum efficiency for your underfloor heating installation.

  • No Air Voids. Pockets of air created when the flooring is laid over water pipes can create cold spots in your heating. Liquid screed hugs the pipes to ensure an even spread of heating.
  • Enhanced Thermal Conductivity. The floor screed needs to carry the heat from the water pipes to every corner of the room. Liquid screed has been designed specifically for this job. Its ensures that the system works using lower water temperatures which saves money on bills.
  • Rapid Dry Formula. Liquid screed dries incredibly quickly. After just 24 hours it’s firm enough for light foot traffic and it can be force dried after 7 days.
  • Perfect Flooring. Liquid screed guarantees a great finish every time. It’s an extremely durable material that won’t crack, shrink or curl. Once dry it forms a perfect foundation for your flooring finish.

Planning for Effective Heating

As one of the UK’s leading underfloor heating installers, we would recommend wet underfloor heating. This is easiest to install during the building process. We would suggest, therefore, that clients plan underfloor heating as part of their conservatory build. Otherwise it can be requested as an option on new build properties.

Why Choose RB Liquid Screed?

We’re a leading UK installer of underfloor heating, and supplier of liquid screed products. We take pride in providing top quality, UK sourced products, and skilled installers with screeding expertise.  We recruit local teams of screed specialist across the country in order to be able to provide a rapid response to projects whatever the location.

If you have any questions about wet underfloor heating for your conservatory, call our screed specialist today for expert advice, and a free no obligation quote.

If you have any questions about wet underfloor heating for your conservatory, call our screed specialist today for expert advice, and a free no obligation quote.

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